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COVID-19 and the Church

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/31/2020 1:03:39 PM IST

 When we reflect on the matter, we are all used to the principle of spheres of authority and the interaction that can exist between them. For instance, I have existed under the spheres of authority of parents, school, the police and Law, workplaces, Government-political, the Armed Forces, the Church etc. When I left a particular sphere, I was no longer under the control of the authority figures who legitimately exercised devolved powers in that sphere. For example, a serving soldier never controlled my actions when I was a pupil in school, and when I reached adult age my parents became my friends and advisors no longer exercising their parental control over me, rather a benign and desirable influence shot through with experience and wisdom.

Society functions at its best in seeking the good of all, by ensuring that these spheres of authority are recognised and honoured and kept in right balance with each other. Whenever one sphere of authority takes to itself the mastery and control of another sphere of authority, trouble always ensues. And history proves that this is generally when the sphere of politics overreaches itself, i.e. in the case of usurping the judicial authorities, over control of individual personal conscience and industry, curtailment of freedom of speech etc. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Governor of the Nations and Lord of the church. He has within all spheres of authority absolute power, and He devolves power and authority to whom He wills, sovereignty choosing and exercising His right to act when He wills, in grace and mercy or judgement(s).

The present Covid 19 pandemic crisis, allowed I believe as a judgement upon us by God, has seen the political sphere unwisely abrogate to itself the sphere authority of the church. As a consequence, it has faced judicial review challenges from some leaders of the churches, with more in prospect. Sadly, many denominations and leaders of the churches have cavilled at this, believing that the claims of Public Health concerns trump the rights of the church to its own hard-won autonomy!*

1 This is a very spurious claim as it is evidential that the general and spiritual wellbeing of people and their souls has disproportionally suffered due to muzzling the church and its power to serve and care in the wider community context as well as in gathered fulsome life enriching praise and worship. It is also recognised that the wider collateral damage to people’s wellbeing and health is dramatically increasing as ever changing Covid 19 actions and consequences erratically jump, spuriously it seems, from pillar to post. This is creating huge economic hardship and uncertainty as well as directly damaging family and societal relationships.

If this was not enough to contend with one must factor in the possible trajectory of all this to our daily lives. The Covid 19 pandemic responses may be seen as a world encompassing societal and sociological dress rehearsal to set the stage for what some people intend and have publically declared for our shared futures. I.E. the declared plans of the World Economic Forum [WEF] along with many other global elite individuals and entities*

2. What we are already seeing and experiencing appears to be a concerted plan to divide and rule, isolate and control, segregate and select, etc. from among people and groups.

If we allow all of these incremental changes to our lives to continue unchallenged and unabated it will soon become impossible to challenge the new status quo being prepared for us. We will have become enslaved to the new order of things, achieved through pendulum swings of anarchy and tyranny forcing us to become compliant and acquiescent to a humanistic, neo-Pagan totalitarian regime. The church will have allowed its sphere of authority to be steadily encroached upon, eroded and ultimately usurped. Within the church and out from its God given sphere of authority we must in these apocalyptic End time days pray, speak and act as we have been commanded by God so to do. E.G. “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”-Ephesians 5:11.

Let us follow the example set for us by brave, faithful and godly saints and leaders, throughout the ages. God Bless You All

B. Saunders, Chümoukeidma 7th Mile

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