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Covid-19 impact on teenagers

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/1/2020 1:02:25 PM IST

 Covid-19 has created many crises. The effect varies from poor and rich, illiterate and literate groups, employed and unemployed and different age groups.  Teenagers are the ones among the worst affected due to these situations. Teenagers are young people between the ages of 13 and 21. This group of people is also called adolescence. Adolescence is a stage of the development process including changes in physical, emotional, cognitive, social, mental attitudes, characters, and language, etc. Both boys and girls experience hormonal changes with visible physical changes, cracking of voices, the appearance of acne, etc. Resulting in all this changes their brainstorming and thinking, expression of thoughts in words and actions can be irrational with high tantrums. 

As they are in the stage of exploration, experimentations, discovery, curiosity, and development in all the spheres of Life. It is observed that this Covid-19 pandemic situation has severely affected the lives of many teenagers. Unlike children who can be under the guidance and control of parents and adults who manage to look for ways to manage their own life. Teenagers in particular are in the most crucial stage of life who are neither in the stage of spoon-feeding nor the stage of fully matured. Amid their confused developing stage, this pandemic situation has created a huge disorder in their lives. It’s unimaginably crazy for all common people to go through this situation but analyzing from the perspective of the developing stage of human life, it’s even more challenging for the teenagers to suddenly go through this anomalous situation. This Covid-19 has promoted lockdown to stay only at home without going to Schools, no social gatherings, no peer group meetings, not going to worship places, no outdoor games & sports, no fun time, and recreation time with friends. All this sudden pause and restrictions in all these activities have left them speechless and immobilized. At this developing stage of explorations and experimentations, they are confined to stay home not only for a day but for many months missing all their daily normal activities has, in reality affected their normal growing stage causing them feelings of abnormal life. 

Confining home day and night has affected them physically in their cognitive growth and overall development by encircling their whole life in a limited space and fixed environment. Their interest in different activities of games and sports, arts, music has been degraded. Their normal education has been suddenly disturbed by the online classes with many teenagers unable to concentrate on their studies without having a normal learning classroom environment but with many distractions and also for some students having network problems.  All these inconveniences are causing a serious issue in their proper education.  Their sincere study hour is affected and has diverted to the attention of using smart-phones, playing games, and using Social Media. It is observed that there is an adverse negative effect on teenagers during this pandemic period resulting in different issues and problems in their lives. Their outside exposures are limited to the close doors using smart-phones and gadgets have affected their daily routines. There is an adverse effect on eating, sleeping, working, and studying hours of their normal life which effected them physically by over-exposure to electronic gadgets with the immobile physical body for several hours affecting their eye sights. Irregular eating and sleeping patterns have affected many teenagers with a weaker physical body. The immobile lifestyles have resulted in laziness and develop lethargy life habits. 

The unlimited exposure in Social Media has a strong effect on their inner minds and thoughts with reactions irrationally in their attitudes and actions affecting mentally and psychologically. They become emotionally insensitive to the physical world addicted to the Media and mostly tend to speak and act outrageously by different influences. Since they are confined and long exposed only on Social Media it affects all the areas of their life. Spiritually they are also affected by not attending the regular worship places or skipping family prayer time. Unhealthy lifestyles and habits are creating disharmony and misunderstandings. Without exposure to the normal active explorations and participation in different outdoor activities, Teenagers are becoming irresponsible and developing irrational behaviours causing serious issues in the Family. 

Evaluating all these serious issues has drawn serious concerns for teenagers during this pandemic situation. This serious issue needs to be addressed and dealt with in our society with parents and teachers taking a serious involvement in guiding their life according to their age and perspectives. Understanding their stage of development dealing accordingly to their needs and teaching them by setting some limits, self-care, and boundaries should be implemented in using smart-phones and different gadgets. Checking, resetting, and revising on their daily routines on Study time, class timing, eating and sleeping time, cleaning and working time, prayer and meditation time, fun, exercise, and recreation time. Regularly checking, encouraging their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of their life, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and developing good habits. Our schools and institutions should include media education in their syllabus to create awareness. Our Churches should take initiatives to give Biblical teaching on the use of Social Media and protecting their spiritual life. Society should promote awareness and create platforms to understand and support the life of teenagers. Also intentionally Promoting Counselling and prayer support for the Teenagers during this pandemic time can help in protecting the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual life of many Teenagers in our society today.

Kumzekinla (DBC Alumna)

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