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Covid-19 positive and my personal experience

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/24/2020 12:09:31 PM IST

 Dimapur weather becomes terrible hot in the first week of August 2020, due to very hot humidity most of the Dimapurian couldn’t sleep even with high speed fan. Since from my childhood I have chest problem (inner cough sensation or predisposition to cough) but one whole night forgetting my problem, I just lay down with high speed fan, in the morning I got up with high fever and little cough sensation.  For few days I was not so well at home, so I have decided to go to hospital with the help of my wife and her nephew. On 12 August we went to Eden Medical Centre, we all (three of us) asked to go for Anti-body test (Antibody testing determines whether you had Covid-19 in the past and now against the Virus, it cannot be used to diagnose Covid-19, but can reveal or detect whether a person has antibodies to the virus.), then only I can admit and console the Doctor, I was tested positive (3.75) in antibody test, so I was asked to go for TrueNat test. In layman terms, RT-PCR Test is done in TrueNat Machine, Covid-19 Real Time/Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction RT-PCR test is prescribed to detect SARS-CoV-2 or Corona Virus in respiratory tract through a nasopharyngeal (nasal) swab from the patient, it detect the virus even if the Viral load is less, also RT-PCR test is a laboratory technique combining reverse transcription RNA (ribonuclive acid) into DNA (Theose nuelic acid) that detects the virus.

In RT-PCR test I was tested Negative, on that evening I was so happily consulted with Doctor. Along, actually he don’t suggest me to admit in hospital due to this pandemic, he prescribes some medicine and some of the blood test, but I requested him to admit in hospital and take some multi-vitamins and injection. Next morning Doctor visited me and all my the blood test was negative, no symptoms was detected, so I have requested the Doctor to go for CT-SCAN, and CECT Chest, the finding was Pneumonia, suspicious for Covid-19 Pneumonia score 12/25. That was at around 2:00 PM Doctor, Moatoshi Aier came to my room and took the nasal swab for the second day, second RT-PCR test, and I was detected Covid-19 Pneumonia.   

I acknowledge Dr. Lima Imchen Director Eden Medical Centre, for writing a letter for me to the Medical Superintendent Dimapur District Hospital, Dimapur. Dr. Along and Dr. Moatoshi Aier for taking care of me, around the noon time once they have given me nebulizer, and I was very much comforted till today. I feel so sorry for two of my nephews and one of their friend fourth grade staff in Eden Medical Centre, went for quarantine centre for ten days, (no work no pay), since I took rest in their quarter on 12th August while waiting for Anti-body test result. But I thank God that three of them have tested negative in anti-body test, even my wife and her nephew, the one who drive and assisted with us, both of them got negative in BSL-2. I don’t remember any personal contact with Covid-19 positive patient as well as any travel history.  

On 13 August 2020, around 5:30 to 6:00 P.M, I have reached the Dimapur Civil Hospital, Dr. Banuo and Dr. Temsu Lemtur, were very kind and helpful to me. I have given the swab for the BSL-2 test and admitted in isolation ward till 17 August, the BSL-2 result was positive. So I was shifted to Covid-19 Ward, till the completion of 14 days. The doctors were very good they monitor often even though, they don’t visit us always, Nurses and all the workers are in time, though the sweeper are not available, the dustbin cleaner hard work was much appreciated.  Three to four days I was having chest discomfort and fever with cough. But my health was improved and in one week my health became quite normal. I was tested negative in TrueNat and discharged on 26 August 2020 from the Covid-19 hospital, and I have completed 14 days home Quarantine on 10 September 2020. Many might not know and even ask to me about the expenses, but in Covid-19 hospital, the TrueNat Test, BSL Test, medicine and everything are free of cost. Dr. Saku was on duty, one who takes care of me through phone and visitation. Dr. Rongsenla from the CMO Office, who visited my house and give medicine to my wife and her nephew, while they were in home quarantined. Many times Dr. Banuo contacted me over phone; she has a compassionate spirit to touch of healing towards the patient both physically and mentally. Dr. Temsu Lemtur, who has compassionate, patient oriented, and God’s fearing Doctor, he is closet with my heart and my family too.

I really appreciate and thank to Sister, Loreni Yanthan, the one who help me a lot by supplying all my needs, she is a kind hearted always available whenever I need her help. Sister Asangla, who has a kind hearted nurse, at first, I was not known to her, one Sister call me, saying “is it Shilu Jamir”? So I just save her phone no. and call her whenever I need help, I call her and she meets all my needs even on her off duty. Even though I don’t mention all the names I thank and acknowledge each and every one of the nurses, staffs and all the frontline workers. It’s my sincere prayers for all the Doctors, Nurses, staffs and all the frontline workers to have God’s blessings upon their lives and family too. 

In a very brief note, here I am sharing some my opinions and experiences, though I don’t have any medical knowledge, but let me try to bring some medical words in our laymen terms for better understanding. Whenever we got sick, there may be some causes of illness, like Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus or Parasites etc. Most of the time we are getting fever called Viral Fever, is referred to as acute viral infections that occur due to the seasonal changes and infection in the environment. They are generally characterized by the rise in normal body temperature; viral is common almost in all age group during monsoon. At Present prevailing scenario it is difficult to go to hospital for treatment, without Covid-19 negative proof. As I cited above, in RT-PCR (TrueNat) test, “detect the viruses even if the viral load is less”. Those who are having chest problems, chronic, asthma, Pneumonia, any cough and breathing related or bedridden and elderly people with multiple health problems may detect the virus in the machine.

 Therefore, I wanted to give some awareness to our friends that many people misunderstand and suspicious about the result of TrueNat, but I should say that this machine is very good for detecting the Virus. The machine was mainly use for detecting the Tuberculosis (TB), on 10 April 2020 ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) validated the usage of TrueNat a diagnostic machine for conducting the Corona virus test. So let’s not afraid to face the test, if we have any symptoms, I urge every one of you to test instead of suffering at your home and getting worse. Even if you are positive in TrueNat test, you can be in isolation ward for three to four days, till your BSL-2 or 3 results is out. If your result is positive in new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) you can be in Home Isolation too. One very important thing I have learned from one of the senior Doctor that; “the Corona Virus has a very Big Family” so, as far as my concern all the Corona Virus Positive is not only the China Corona Virus. Let’s be very careful in our living, be courage enough to fight against the Corona Virus, be a warrior, let’s not discriminate the Covid-19 Patient and frontline workers rather than show our love and concern towards their families, and together We can Achieve this Pandemic.   

Every weakness you have is an opportunity for God to show His Strength in your life. My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. (11 Cor.12:9). When we are weak, hopeless and helpless we surrender to God, then only He begins to work in us, we need total surrender to God. I was totally lost my confidence by hearing about the facts, fakes and remorse about the Covid-19 hospital.  In everything and everywhere we need some adjustment, the food habits or our home atmosphere. As I stayed in Covid-19 hospital for 14 days I had a good time with God in prayers, and taking care for my health and the cleanliness of common toilet and our rooms is our own responsibility. There is no chance to complaint about the hospital; all the Doctors and Nurses are very kind and caring. Looking at the frontline workers I feel pity of their hard work, wearing the PPE in this hot Dimapur weather, serving the food and medicine in time, collecting the garbage, etc. I spent my time more on prayers, praying for the Doctors Nurses and all the frontline workers. I thank God that, I’m also one of the early recovered among Covid-19 patient. Even though I couldn’t mention personally, I thank all the Pastors, Churches, the Villagers and all my well-wishers etc, whose prayers and moral support stood by my side. “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears I will heal you” (2 kings 20:5).  It’s my sincere pray that God the Almighty bless you abundantly.

L. Shilu Jamir Dimapur

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