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COVID-19 vaccine: To get it or not to get it

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/28/2020 12:48:20 PM IST

 As Nagaland Sate anxiously waits for the Covid -19 Vaccines, I am fascinated to see the silence maintained by the department of health and family Welfare. Do the 19,654 people who have been identified by the H&FW for receiving the Covid -19 Vaccines made aware of the serious side effects of the doubtful Covid-19 vaccine. The departments silence on if the vaccine is going to be compulsory or voluntary is of another concern. Just because the Central Government gives the vaccine does not mean Nagaland Government must push it down the Nagaland public throat. 

Many people think vaccines are completely safe. No vaccine is completely safe. In fact vaccines are dangerous virus which are reengineered and injected into the body. Polio Vaccine used for preventing polio contains reengineered polio virus. Measles and Rubella vaccine contains reengineered Measles and Rubella viruses. Hepatitis B Vaccine contains one of the proteins from the surface of the Hepatitis B virus. The Rota virus vaccine contains GIP(8) Human rotavirus strain. 

Not only do vaccines use virus but also dangerous adjuvant. Adjuvants are added to make the vaccine more effective. Many Vaccines use aluminums as adjuvant. Experimental clearly shows that aluminum adjuvant can cause serious immunological disorders in humans such as long-term brain inflammation, neurological complications. 

Vaccines also contain Preservatives to keep the vaccine from going bad. Mercury is one of the most widely used preservatives in vaccines. Even a small amount of mercury can cause brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system disease in the child as well as adult. The so called “Mercury free” vaccines contain 0.05mcg of mercury which is enough to cause permanent brain damage in an infant. 

All Vaccines have cellular waste which remains in the vaccine which is neither being identified nor filter from the vaccine. who know what kind cellular waste is being injected along with the vaccine. Are they good or bad?

Though vaccines are designed to protect, they have and can cause serious side effects resulting in death. Many cases have been filled against many vaccine manufacturing companies. 

The much talked about vaccine for covid-19 would have engineered corona Virus. Which means the same engineered corona virus will be injected into humans to prevent them from corona. How crazy is that. It would be like swallowing the pill that made us ill. But many will be made to think it’s ok because some “top scientist” or some “top Pharmaceutical company” certified that it is safe. 

The Covid-19 Vaccine which has been manufactured in less than a year is just plain doubtful and rises lots of questions. Developing, testing and approving a vaccine is a very difficult, complicated and time consuming process. Sometimes it takes up to 15 Years to develop a vaccine. The fastest vaccine developed was the mumps vaccine which was developed in four years time. Just think, the Covid-19 vaccine has been developed faster that the word “Covid” could be installed in the English dictionary in the computer. Just type the word Covid and hit space you will see a red line appear. Even the computer doesn’t know the word “Covid” yet and we already have a vaccine for it. 

Another important thing we have to consider is the Indian government allowing the Indian vaccines and drug developing companies to use the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). The EUA (Emergency use Authorization) is practiced in USA to allow vaccine and other drug companies to use previously unapproved drugs and virus for developing vaccines in emergency situations because there is no time for testing on humans. In simple words it’s like the Government giving permission to the pharmacy companies to use humans as experiment animals. In India the Serum Institute of India has been approved under the EUA to make the Cocid-19 vaccine. In America Drug companies Moderma and Pfizer have received the Emergency use Authorization. The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is “not approved” or “licensed” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has “been authorized” for emergency use by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). It can be used in individuals of 16 years and above. So the covid -19 Vaccines in India be “unapproved but authorized” vaccine. I don’t like the sound of it.

The Serum Institute of India chief executive officer Adar Poonawalla wants makers of covid-19 vaccines in India to be protected by the Government of India from being sued by the public in case there are any serious side effects caused by the covid-19 Vaccine. Good luck to all those19,654 individuals from Nagaland who have given their name to avail for the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Nagaland State Government must make sure that the rights of the people are no violated while going for mass vaccination.

1. Covid-19 Vaccination should not be compulsory but voluntary in Nagaland.

Everyone has the right to choose. These are the fundamental rights of a citizen. This must be applicable for all the frontline health workers in Nagaland. They should be given the right to choose. Vaccination is not compulsory in many countries including USA and Australia. When India is using the American system of EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for making Covid-19 vaccine. Which allows the vaccine companies in India to use unapproved drugs, virus for making vaccine. It becomes the inherit right of the people to refuse the Covid-19 Vaccine. 

2. Vaccination exemption based on Religious, Philosophical and Medical Grounds.

In united Sates all 50 states allow vaccination exemptions in some form or other. 46 States allow vaccine exemption on religious objection grounds. 15 Sates allow exemptions for philosophical and moral reasons. All 50 States allow exemption on medical reasons. 

Nagaland is a Christian majority State. The Religious belief of the Christian that God has created in us a wonderful immune system and that God is powerful enough to save anyone to survive the pandemic without covid-19 vaccine must be respected. For many religious people using vaccine to reprogram the already created immune system by God is not acceptable. And when forced to vaccinate against ones religious belief and philosophy of life the fundamental right of religious and cultural expression will be violated.

Many people in Nagaland are under medication for cancer, diabetics, high blood pressure etc. There is no proper study on how Covid-19 vaccine reacts with such medications. Such patients must have the right to exemption.

3. Protection from discrimination of the unvaccinated.

It is inevitable for those who are vaccinated to have discriminatory felling against those unvaccinated. This may even result in not allowing the unvaccinated people to large gathering and even schools, college, offices etc. Such discrimination must face stick punishment from the law. In Australia unvaccinated kids are made to take online class when there is an epidemic situation.

4. Fast Track Vaccine injury board. 

Nagaland Home Department along with Nagaland Department of health and Family must set up a vaccine injury board. This must be done before the vaccine arrives in Nagaland, This vaccine injury board must set up so that people who suffer serious side effects including death, can apply for fast track compensation from the State or central Government. 

5. Churches and Non Government Organization protectors of peoples Right. 

The Churches and NGO’s in Nagaland must stand vigilant and be the proctors of people’s right in this current Covid-19 Situation. When State Government formulates rules for mass Covid-19 vaccination against the ones religious belief the Church must put a stop to it. Too much time and energy has been invested by the Churches in Nagaland on how to raise funds for various projects and in doing so have considerably neglected its believers health and Rights. There is a urgent need for serious public health advocates/NGO’s in Nagaland. To be the moral protector of the public health. To save the public from the savage pharmaceutical companies who push unapproved drugs/virus into the public blood. To save the public from heartless state/Central Government who allow the vaccine companies to use their state/country citizens as experimental animals for new vaccines. 

To save the minority people from the brink of extinction. And thus fulfill the Nobel cause of live and let live. God bless Nagaland.

Imlisanen Phom, Dimapur

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