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Dear students, you can improve

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/26/2020 1:08:38 PM IST

 You may be surprised to know that Albert Einstein, the genius with the highest IQ in the world could not speak well till the age of 4. He also failed in Maths in the school days. But he became one of the most brilliant mathematicians and physicists in the world.

There was once a high school student whose name starts with the letter ‘M’. He was a weak, non-serious student. One day the teacher asked him, Mr. ‘M’ what is the difference between THIS and THESE? He stood and replied. Sir, the first one is present tense and the second one is past tense. The whole class burst into laughter and he blushed with shame. That was the day he decided to work hard, improve and prove that he could do better. Later, with strong will and hard work he became highly qualified with Ph.D. degree from South Korea and is presently a professor of a reputed college in Nagaland. 

Shakespeare was a weak student in his early school days and his mother told him once, “You are very weak in English. If you fail this time, I will not let you continue your studies.”Shakespeare did not pass M.A. English but now nobody can pass M.A. English without reading Shakespeare. This is another strong message for those who are weak now. You can improve much more than what you think about yourself and of course with God’s help (Phil. 4:13)

Let us have a thought about the history of aeroplane. Two brothers, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright from Ohio, America were first inventors of aeroplane. Initially in 1892 they started a bicycle sale and repair shop. They conceived the idea of machine which could fly the aircraft. Between 1900 to 1902 they did extensive research on flight and conducted many experiments. Finally on 17th December 1903 they flew the first human flight for 37 metres in 12 seconds. They improved further and the next flight on the same day-50 metres then the next- 60 metres, thus gradual and constant improvement continued. In 1905 they redesigned and improved which could fly 40km in 33 minutes. Then later in 1914 the first commercial flight of 38 Km was successful.

What do we learn from the story of aeroplane? From repair of cycle to manufacture of aeroplane through research, hard work, improvement and further improvement. Such incredible improvement and achievement is possible with human brain when it is put into full operation. Remember we do not use even 10% of the capacity of our human brain. Former American President Ronald Reagan rightly said, “There are no limits to growth because there are no limits to human intelligence, imagination and wonder.”

Do not be discouraged when you have some apparent weakness. That weakness can be crushed if you work hard and put your brain into full utilization. Remember each one of us is a genius. But the genius in you has to be brought out through hard work, imagination, research and persistence. Above all have the right relationship with God and pray much and you will be amazed to discover that God is able to do much more than what you ask or think. (Eph. 3:20). Wishing you a great improvement and grand success

Dr. A Loso Chalai, 

Immanuel College, Dimapur


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