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Don’t chase after money

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/30/2021 1:22:43 PM IST

 If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and be wealthy with reputation, don’t chase after money, let money chase you, be a righteous businessman and woman solving the problem of the society at any level big or small then money will come to you bursting in. We have the God given power to do this. We may start the business in a small way in the beginning and grow the same into perfection with a different approach. However, our only problem is that we have the tendency to be jack of all trades master of none, chasing after money, in vain. When you have made some money in project A, you have the tendency to lose it all in project B or C which are all different in nature. 

As such, chasing-after-money business is often found to be a gamble, scary and haphazard; it discourages others to take up self entrepreneurship after seeing such business without much values. This culture is deeply rooted in our Naga society since time immemorial which also sadly becomes the reason why we remain poor even after all these years. Since someone rears pigs, you all also rear pigs, in the same way you rear cows, dogs, chickens, ducks, cats, etc, then simultaneously in the same manner you cultivate rice, corn, millet, pumpkin, taro, turmeric, banana, cucumber, sweet potato, potato, ginger, cabbage, garlic, tomato, chilly haphazardly, so on and so forth. You need relentless commitment and specialisation in whatever you do in your selected, chosen profession, otherwise the rolling stone habit would gather no moss for your benefit.

It is in your hands, how to let money chase you and to let it come to you bursting in. For that purpose you shall have to apply the full volume of your character, sincerity and integrity with relentless commitment, hard work and gratitude. A grateful heart welcomes favour. For example Mr. Nongtok Jamir, the younger brother of Dr S C Jamir has an NRL Petrol Pump at 2.5 Milestone in Dimapur. In his petrol pump there is absolutely no adulteration or no manipulation of measuring metre. Therefore you get not only the right quality of motor fuel but also get the full quantity of oil for what you have paid for. It is a great Christian testimony amongst the sea of corruption, manipulation and adulteration that we live in. A great service to the society in solving many complaints and problems in your vehicles, so, everyone goes to his Petrol Pump to fill their tanks in full whenever they get the opportunity. His Petrol Pump has the highest sale of diesel and petrol any day of the year in Nagaland. 

Jacob Nakhro, a young graduate in Arts, from  Jotsoma Village gives a tip of about 50 CFT of boulder stones per truck load whenever you buy bolder stones from him while others gives short supply in higher rates. Their business policy is to have “maximum service with minimum profit in absolute integrity”. As such, everyone is going after this type of services for its righteousness and gratefulness. His sale of bolder stones, chips and sized stones are growing higher and bigger day by day. He is already on the path of success,  prosperity and reputation. More and more of Jacob Nakhro are coming up in Jotsoma Village creating an industrial culture therein.  Very frequently soybeans are brought to Dimapur by Kiphirians all the way from Kiphire sold to the Marwaris then again the same soybeans are bought by some other Kipherians who come from Kiphire and taken back to Kiphire. What is this? These are instances of money chasing after unselfish honest businessmen and it comes to them bursting in, in the long run. The above businessmen also maintain very strict frugality for their small earning made out of their toil and sweat but the small profit that they make are regularly and consistently added to their existing capital, as such, their business ultimately grow bigger and stronger consistently. That’s how they become Job Givers and not Job Seekers, Masters and Owners of business establishments letting their money work hard enough for them, so they would not have to work for money every day and remain poor. To be a wealthy person and righteous, the first thing you need to learn is “frugality and frugality first” with generosity and kindness without which one cannot give the desire service to the society. Income is different from wealth. For instance, you get a huge amount of money every year but you spend them all at the end of each year, then you are not getting any wealthier. Wealth is what you accumulate and not what you spend.

   The utmost popular divine direction is “by the sweat of your brow, you shall eat your food until you return to the ground” Gen. 3:19. This commandment of God is given to each of us without any exception because He wants all of us to be the head and not the tail, a Job giver and not a Job seeker, master, owner of business establishments and not to be a slave to unscrupulous employers. To rebuild our Naga world from the appalling and disgraceful subsidy economy what we need is to re-birth our work culture to redeem ourselves from the Delhi dependency syndrome. The Delhi dependency syndrome and corruption definitely is as bad as a cancer in the highway. 

As per 2015 Municipal/ Town Council record, 23,777 Trade Licenses were issued in Nagaland, out of which 6,724 only were given in the name of the of Nagas, the rest were given to the Non-Nagas, and we know that there are many Benami transactions in favor of Non-Nagas from those 6,724 too, as we are interested to get only a small commission without doing anything.  Almost all our Naga quarters complain that there are no job avenues in Nagaland while Non-Nagas are filling up all job avenues in Nagaland. How is it that they see so much job avenues while we don’t? Let’s change our perspectives towards jobs; guard our minds constantly, with a fine tuned balance. Nurture the 'unique spark' of our individuality; a core area to expose our unlimited talent and potential to pinnacle heights and intertwining delicately with extraordinary traits of entrepreneurial relationships. Thus, pushing ourselves in God’s hand to become successful entrepreneurs, motivators and lead our Naga society to be owners and job givers and not job seekers. Cultivate "Work and Worship" culture that we become masters, professionals and owners in God’s plan and purpose; being created in His image. God tells us: Be who I created you to be, ‘Do not turn from it to the right or to the left, be strong and very courageous. Then you will be prosperous and successful. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’  Joshua 1:7-9. Be committed to this divine direction and claim the promise; our God has never failed anyone in the past and He will not fail anyone today or tomorrow.

Don’t chase after money in vain, instead, be a righteous businessman and woman and be blessed. Learning to solve our own spiritual, social, political and economic problems by ourselves is the purpose of life and  purpose of our creation; however, it appears to be one of the greatest challenges in our Naga society today. ‘Realization of what we have’, ‘discipline to utilize the same’ with commitment and integrity is the key to our present terrible crises of “Govt. job dependency culture and being parasites to Delhi”. God did not create us to be parasites and leeches; declare that we are children of the Most High God; King of kings and we can do all things through Christ our Savior Lord. “The harder you work, the luckier you get” declared by Henry Ford. Set goals with proper planning, obtain proper information in business and market in the first place, rise early every morning to see the accomplishment of such goals.

Let money chase you hard enough for your values in your enterprises and know that we are meant to be masters, entrepreneurs, owners and job givers as we were created in God’s own image and likeness, not for just the appearance but with some of His characteristics, powers, greatness, glory, majesty, love, integrity, purity and unselfishness. Excel in 'wise and courageous decision making' and 'risk taking abilities' for the successful achievement of our goals with proper evaluation and assessment of ourselves. David was absolutely confident in God and also in his sling-shot: we have to sincerely play our part. Faith without work is dead. James 2:7. We must know ‘who we are’ and ‘who we are not’, so as to activate the God given latent powers in ourselves. This will redeem our Naga society from all evils, corruptions, fratricides, extortions, immoralities and violence. 

Don’t work for money, let your money work hard enough for you as a righteous entrepreneur and be wealthy. Be courageous, we are inheritors of a rich historical legacy built on our Christian faith, such as, hard work, honesty, integrity, hospitality, courage, simplicity from our forefathers. So can we properly plan and set practical goals to solve our economic, spiritual, social, and local problems as our forefathers did? Overcome our weaknesses and thrive as a people and a nation against all kinds of exploitation from outsiders? Our life is too precious to be left half baked with only a casual daily routine. A total transformation of a young mind into a strong confident leader treading the path of a successful entrepreneur or a professional to become a 'Job Giver' and not a 'Job Seeker' is needed to fulfill the desire of God through our integrity, sweat and toil. 

(To be concluded)

Kuolachalie Seyie, 

(The writer is CEO at Seyie Auto)

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