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Don’t chase after money

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/31/2021 1:51:12 PM IST

 (From previous issue)

Don’t chase after money in vain or don’t work for money and remain poor all your life. Break the chain of poverty in your family line in your generation. The terrible crisis of "unemployment" problem due to lack of self enterprise in Nagaland arises, owing to the fact that parents as well as educational institutions inculcate job oriented education only and do not stress on self entrepreneurship or professionalism, resulting in our children becoming mere "job seekers" instead of being job givers, masters, entrepreneurs and owners. In this context, I am not discouraging public employment through competitive examinations, rather, our youth should aim and be motivated to become the best public servants delivering the goods that are expected of a public servant with utmost integrity and commitment to our people, which in itself is an enterprise.

In pursuance of such education, our children are sent to the various metros and even abroad and ultimately, to finance them, we are compelled to sell out our land and properties. Thus, many renowned landlords and farmers have become almost landless or landless and consequently, they too become jobless. Such cases can be seen in the fertile foothill belts of Dimapur and Peren districts in particular. To cite an instance, a village in Medziphema area has 150 households where only five own terrace cultivation (TRC) fields today and likewise there are so many villages in Dimapur and Peren districts where such instances can be found. Let’s take up entrepreneurship in proper manner and let your money work very hard for you, that the money may come to you bursting in, in the long run with Cod’s blessing.

Don’t work for money and remain poor or corrupted and be cursed. The said culture of Govt. job dependency has brought us far too many appointments even when there is no vacancy or work in the departments. 

We thereby deceive the public as well as ourselves in our comfort zone collecting salaries without work or office attendance which robs our dignity, self-respect, integrity, meaning of life, direction of God and pushes us towards a devalued community at large. Reportedly, in a certain department, if the entire office staff were to attend office on the same day, then the fenced office premises would not have enough space for everyone to stand at the same time. Shouldn’t we take up self entrepreneurship? Without which where do we stand? 

If we are not to work for money and remain poor but to let our money work for us hard enough and be wealthy, it becomes our duty as young men and women to show leadership as role models in entrepreneurship like Jacob Nakhro or Nongtok Jamir to each other so as to make others’ also discover the latent potential in themselves. 

We are fully loaded with talents, potential and well equipped to pursue any profession of our choice as a young man. The failure to recognize our worth is the problem. Let us carefully examine our lives. 

No one would solve our problems unless we play our part properly. Just going on asking God to send us a kilo of pork, sugar and rice, treating Him as our own servant every day will not solve our many crises.  

Don’t chase after money in vain and remain poor but try to identify who we are or recognize our value as children of Most High God, we are not created by God to be 'job seekers', or ‘parasites to tax payers of the Hindus or Muslims’, we only need to recognize and activate dormant talents, dormant seeds, dormant powers or dormant qualities in ourselves. 

The giant has to be awakened, seeds watered and qualities nurtured. Then we will know the higher philosophy ‘to eat our food by our own sweat of our brow’ or ‘the meaning of being created us in His image and likeness.’ 

This inheritance is divinity in itself in today's complex world. Nagaland is blessed exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond with natural resources of all kinds. Nagaland is also not a landlocked state; it is rather the gateway to South East Asia. In this present Global village, foreign merchandise goes all over India via Mandalay-Tamu (Myanmar) and Moreh (Manipur). Nagaland is a land of untold opportunity and potentiality. 

We only need to mobilize our human resource in proper manner to do things within our reach sincerely with utmost gratefulness, commitment, integrity and honor God, then God will bless us and use us to do extraordinary things and it will work out miraculously beyond our expectations. 

The chasing- after- money business plus rampant extortions created enough confusion in our society. But there are no hopeless situations but only hopeless men. 

The lack in quality of life or hopeless people, such as the lack of zeal to get up in the morning on time or inability to control your food habits, lack of commitment in the chosen profession or careless use of resources and the likes are our problems which are absolute deviations from the image and likeness of God. 

The quality of life we need is the degree and intensity to which a set of inherent characteristic of human character, physical, mental, emotional balance and value system fulfill and satisfy the achievement, esteem and self actualization needs of oneself. 

The greatest force in life is the hunger and search for the meaning of life and that force in life fulfills the purpose and design of your being. It is our responsibility to utilize our full potential to be masters, owners, entrepreneurs, job givers or never to be slaved of immoralities.  "He sees your every step" then defend you, protect you and blesses you for being honest even in the small matters. Be careful in small maters which lead to great success.

The past cannot be changed. The present and the future are in our hands. God is asking for what one has got. 

Find out what is available within reach with gratefulness and commitment. Never say I don’t have the needed capital, land, talent, education or resources, your Almighty God has all those and it is His desire that you have them abundantly, economy is not our supply source but God is, our promotion will come from Him provided you honor Him with your life. 

The genuine care for our life can do miracles beyond expectation. The plethora of challenges we have evinced to harness our God given boundless energies, so as to empower ourselves to create a benchmarking niche in this golden era of exponential economic development phase of our Nagaland state is to listen to our Almighty God and obey. Know our own hearts properly and then act in time without delay or default. 

The full volume of character virtues that we need are, 'Hard Work', ‘Courage’, 'Discipline', 'Integrity'  and 'Consistency' so as to be masters, owners, job givers and worthy of being God’s image; to re-make our Nagaland.     


Kuolachalie Seyie, 

(The writer is CEO at Seyie Auto)

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