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Everything happens for a reason

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/28/2020 1:23:46 PM IST

 Sometimes, people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there. They serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people are; your roommate, your neighbor, professor, long lost friend, lover or even a complete stranger who, when you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment, that they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes, things happen to you and at that time they seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realized your potential, strength, will power of heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Illnesses, injury, love, etc, lost moments or true greatness and sheer stupidities all occur to test the limits of the soul. 

I lost my parents when I was a baby (during my infant stage) and there was this belief in me that it had happened for a reason with a purpose. I always question myself, “Why do I have to lose my parents? What is the reason and purpose behind it? “All unanswerable questions struck my mind, but one thing that calms my unending thoughts is that ‘Everything Happens For A Reason ‘ and I’m yet to know the reason. This belief, that everything happens for a purpose and a reason has made me accept my past and has made me stronger in the present and better in the future. 
We as humans are all different but it doesn’tl mean we cannot do what others can. We can all be a hero in real life, for that we have to meet and overcome challenges. Tackle challenges as opportunities to push ourselves beyond what we think we can do. The strongest are those, who can withstand, transcend and hardship, make way out of no way and have no mood of discouragement and hopelessness, as everything happens for a reason.  Just staying calm and relaxed isn’t the solution to know who you are and what you can do. As young people there are many things to do and learn all around, all we need is the current of excitement in us. There are many test and obstacles but, try the best and give the best and always take precautions. 
Without these small tests, if there be events, illness or relationships, life would be like a smooth paved, straight, flat road to nowhere, safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless. The people you meet who affect your life, the success and failures you experience, they are the ones who create who you are. Even the bad experience can teach us, those lessons are the hardest and probably the most important ones. 
Many a times we fall but we must keep on rising up (from the fall) and attain the victory at the end. If someone hates you, betrays you, or breaks your heart: forgive them, for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart. If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they are teaching you to love and opening your heart and eyes to things you would have never seen or felt without them. 
Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again. Set your sights high so you can make your life into anything you wish. Create your own life and then go out and live it. Never quit, no matter what circumstances comes your way. Let’s stand strong and firm. Let our determination be the shield against any circumstances. 
A poem based on the present situation: SOS (The cry of teens) Life of darkness, solitude, and despair, Fear crippling the minds of the people, Remnants of the past still speaks, To wake me from my agonizing sleep. Mindless game of guns and bullets Deafening sound of the explosions, “Two down”, In desperate tone they yell, Where is the brothers’ love? Uncensored surreal of vanity, Gives the profile of Adam and Eve, Rocking their lives away in codex code, This is the era of the end, The World is still waiting for a change, The goodness still lingers on, Make a wish but make it wise.
Sashijenla Pongen,
Modern College Kohima 

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