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Frame Work agreement for a solution or farce?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/15/2020 1:32:56 PM IST

 The public of Nagas in particular and the adjacent neighboring states of Nagaland have being continuously throwing its views and its probabilities of PEACE ACCORD 2015 in their own wishful angle of thoughts. The direction of the Accord 2015 frame work agreed in principle by both party were viewed very seriously for fear of hijacking the whole Naga political unique history by a particular NPG (NSCN (IM). This fear psychosis creeps in the public mind because the Nagas as a whole could not draw the same line of conclusion in so far as the political right of self determination is concerned. The diversion of different school of thoughts and its ideologies were too wide and it is very difficult to bridge the gap because of ego and self-pride. Slashing the mud to each other in the line of one’s own group interest became the yard stick of measurement and it is used for quite some time. It never comes closer with the span of time rather drifting far and more distance just because Nagas at this juncture cannot rely on each other. Because of the past bitter experiences faced by one and all of Nagas in various sphere of life attributed to this extend and we cannot blame others but ourselves for not sorting out the meeting point through sharing and exchange of our own common views. The disease of discontentment and diversion of our versions with the change of time and generations etc still very much existed in present Naga society.

The clever & cunning persons in the Naga society have been publicly recognized and regarded as the winner without digging out the reality based on truth. Be it in Nagaland state politic or Naga political movements various groups; the approaches towards a lasting solution is far illusive and repel each other. The upper hierarchy of the various controlling authorities; never take heed to its genuine and real problem and go round in circumference line without touching its core issue. It so happened because the record of snatching the running ball from each other’s hand secretly and steadily for several times and miserably failed to score the targeted goal through much interference and missed many opportunities might be the reason. This prick of inner feelings of one another still available in the Naga mind set is very dirty and not congenial in a civilized society. Therefore having a clear vision for the Naga society is not spelt out and all people close their mind to reveal the truth not to antagonize each other directly but always grumble behind the scene. This testing of each other just to collect negative points in the peripheral outer line of actual issue makes a lot of differences. This play of critic role all the time or in other words the devil advocate channel all the time do not play a healthy role to give a positive impacts .

The habitual uses of this criticism tactic in all dealings make the whole population very hollow and no admiration for each other even among the generation to come. The criticisms engaged in all our dealings and it hovered around the entire society contribute a destructive approach to any challenging issues instead of playing a constructive role. The used to habit of critic role played by the political leaders for more than four/five decades and being handed over to the next younger generation in this fast and computerized/ digital global society is very danger and liable to dismantle the well concreted past Naga quality of life such as straight forwardness, brave, courageous, and firm faith & trust on each other’s even in a serious threat situation. The mentioned qualities of life could vanish very quickly if this trend of critic role is continuous in the society. Superstition, jealousy, and envy etc for fear of maintaining one’s own individual standard of life dominates and preoccupy Nagas mind-set. We need to live a positive life full of encouragement and extending of helping hand to each other to every burden in the society.

Any type of MOU or agreement etc is made; only when the two counter parts come to an understanding point for the betterment of both party. Some time an arbitrary agreement too entered in the society having only one sided view; but it does not last long. In the case of Peace Accord 2015 it is not one sided agreement. From before the Naga political settlement as per the past slogan; would be honorable and acceptable for all the people of Nagas. Beyond that slogan what Nagas would expect more? But if it is not fulfilled the public aspirations created by both the negotiator it would be a mental blockage and the people may resort to treating the Accord 2015 as a farce. In that case it would again harden the dialogue and keep it on pending for a lifelong or even endless period.

(To be concluded)

K. Ritse, Pfutsero Town

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