Giving dangerous space

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/16/2020 12:46:47 PM IST

 It’s fifty two days since the nationwide lockdown was imposed in India and by May 17, when the third extension ends, it is most likely that it could be further extended till May 31 with lesser curbs or more relaxations. Much has been written and discussed about the lockdown and how it has brought about changes both within and beyond. Today many states want lockdown to continue but for a different reason because they rightly feel that it is the only best option to fight the spread of the dreaded coronavirus in the absence of vaccines. The people in general and most of them, want the lockdown to continue for other reasons besides being the only option to prevent spread of the virus. Today, people have begun to realise that the lockdown has brought a wholly different perspective of the need to preserve and conserve. The world has become more peaceful because everyone is locked up under the lockdown. The air has also become much cleaner since emissions from over one billion vehicles and around 40,000 airplanes around the world have been greatly reduced. This has brought a healing relief to those who used to suffer from asthma. Many cruel industries have been shut down, at least for the time being. It has also reduced noise pollution and ended the daily high-blood pressure causing noisy traffic jams. The lockdown has definitely impacted urban wildlife and many wild animals are enjoying a respite from human tyranny for the first time in their lives. Many Indian cities as well as those in other countries, have witnessed animals roaming freely and openly. All life on planet earth is benefiting from the decrease in pollution levels brought on by the shutdown of non-essential services. Satellite data showed a significant decline in nitrogen dioxide levels over China during Wuhan’s quarantine. Besides the health benefits due to lockdown, it has also brought many to realise the folly of their greed and expensive pursuits. Be it cars, household stuff, gadgets, toiletries or the array of expensive garments, shoes and other accessories, which have gone missing as lockdown has caused the suspension of the shopping mania. In short, people don’t find the need to rush madly to buy most things or items they actually don’t need. In general , people shop like crazy because they suffer from an addiction that is wasteful both in terms of time and money. It is not clear as to how long should the lockdown continue since even epidemiologists have said that the impact of the lockdown in slowing down infections would take more time because it continues to cause rise in infections. According to health experts and epidemiologists, the virus, SARS-CoV-2, which has properties that distinguishes itself from other coronaviruses and even influenza viruses, is highly transmittable and can evade the immune system for longer and therefore spreads quickly even without the infected being visibly sick. The virus is able to penetrate deeper into the lower airways. Therefore, to the elderly and the aged, those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it poses a heightened risk of acute pneumonia. Though business and industry desire greater relaxation of lockdown, health officials warn that this may lead to infected people travelling to new places and erupt into stage 3 or community spread. 


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