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Good things will increase if young people are our priority

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/15/2021 12:39:08 PM IST

 The naughty and noisy children called ‘Generation ’must be our priority today if we want a better society tomorrow.   We talk high and plan big now but this is all in the hands of the succeeding age.  The Bible warns us ‘we will reap what we sow today’ (Galatians 6:7).   A better future all depends upon how we lead our youth to fundamental truth against theories of lies and false.   Our children are receptive and want to know how we operate our life system but we hush and shut them up.  They are not noisy but they want to watch, participate and know how we demonstrate and show them the truth.

Our children are innocently give us big smiling.  Their faces are the lanes and mirrors of our days ahead.  As root holds the top and as germination takes place in soil, our youth are the foundation of our future.  It is crucial that they know the truth recorded in the Bible.  Nobody will believe that your ancestors were evolved from monkeys or apes as evolution theory advocated some 162 years ago while the Bible always tells us that the first man and the first woman were created by God.  Who created monkeys or chimpanzees, if not God?  Planting the seed of truth in children must be the priority when they are correctable as the Bible assuresus (Proverbs 22:6).  

We have confidence of escalation when our children stand on the firm ground of truth as the foundation holds the dimension of a ladder.   It is a simple logic that a Designer or Architect created the order of Heaven and Earth.  He is God.  He continues regulating His creation.   It will be a Himalayan blunder if our children are forced to accept the bigbang theory which was hypothesized 92 years ago.  Our generation must know the truth of creation and how creation continues today.  The Bible is the source of truth from the beginning of human history.  The Bible must be the prime source of truth against false doctrines and theories that thwart and deviate from the truth. 

Our children are the kids of the national workers, people who generate political vision, bureaucrats who exercise administration, missionaries and pastors who preach on pulpits, business and entrepreneurs, and fathers and mothers who comprise large human society.  Our children watch over how we behave and what we do. They need to know the truth, do the truth, tell truth, believe and live by truth. Truth is what they need far more than modern technology in their hands with devises they watch, fast food they eat, and unhealthy conversation they hear.   The need for them is right direction.  We must instill the truth in them.  Our nuclear families, churches, and schools are the strategies to reach them with fundamental truth that will generate honesty, peace, love, integrity, loyalty, and human quality that we pray for today.    

We talk about the issue of ‘unemployment’ which subject becomes a matter of saturation and exhaustion.  The Bible assures us that things shall follow if we put God first (Matt 6:33).But we must know that God is a working God.  It is a false belief that God would bless lazy and cheap people. There is no magic in God’s blessing.  Hard work is the miracle of success. Our youth must work to employ themselves and earn to live.  There is honesty and truth in work.  A regrettable generation will not hit the course of our future if our children are our PRIORITY today. The truth is the truth and will generate moral character, spiritual security, economic survival, mental health, peace, unity and love, positive attitude, and a people with vision.  It is high time to promote the principle of truth. Learning the truth and doing the truth is the right generation technology today. 

Our children are our heart.  We want them to avert mistake.  But they need to learn from us today.   May God help us do this.  The Bible says “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord “(Psalms 33:12).God bless you!

Rev. Dr. Phuveyi Dozo, Naga United Village, Dimapur

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