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Imagined Fascism

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/2/2021 1:16:07 PM IST

 From the UK to Pakistan to Canada and within India itself, we have a lot of destructive forces ever willing to damage the soul and fabric of India. These forces write and speak on imaginary things – what we generally term as ‘make-believe’. No concrete issue to tackle about but to beat around the bush and cry wolf – this is their way of staying relevant. Even the opposition politicians are no less. They shout and scream the supposedly extinction of democracy in India under a ‘fascist’ government, forgetting that it is the same democracy which kicked them out of power and rendered them powerless. One party in particular has the tendency to blame EVMs every time it loses elections but when it wins, the EVMs are not an issue at all. This is the hypocrisy of the left-liberals. They fail to grasp the reality that is staring at them with contempt. They fail to understand that it is the people who kicked them out of power for their sheer mismanagement of the country’s affairs in the past. The party that I had just mentioned is again guilty of this. After all, this party has always served the interests of one particular family rather than the national interest. In fact, if anyone is to be pronounced guilty of undermining democratic values, norms and institutions, it is that one family which we are all so familiar with. 

I remember when Trump came to power in 2016, becoming the 45th President of the USA. The left-liberal ecosystem reaction was appalling, to say the least. They issued statements saying that Trump was not their President, which they persisted with till his last day. Leading American political leaders (Democrats to be specific) did everything in their power, backed by the powerful media, to discredit Trump at all levels. Yes, Trump was an eccentric leader prone to many unpredictable actions but the amount of vitriolic he had to face during his presidency was something else. So, if Trump is to be blamed for the country’s divisions and racial tensions, the blame lies equally with the left-leaning Democrats as well because, instead of accepting Trump as their President, they continued to divide the country further and deeper. I would even go to the extent of saying that they exploited race and ethnicity to suit their narrative. Of course, there’s no denying that racial tensions still exist in the USA in some quarters. 
One might wonder why I brought Trump up. The reason is there for all to see, which is rather simple. Ever since PM Modi became the PM of India, there have been constant attacks by the ecosystem- from politicians to media people to so-called “think-tanks”, some anxious celebrities and the list goes on. Similar to what President Trump had to endure during his presidency, PM Modi also has had to bear the vitriolic directed at him. You have these “woke” public figures saying how PM Modi is not their PM, how the Constitution is under attack by a fascist government, how the institutions of democracy are cowering under fear and how fundamental rights are being trampled upon. These are the same people who recently shared fake news on social media alleging that the President of India had unveiled a portrait which was not of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Worse was that they didn’t even bother to apologise to the highest office of the land. Such is their duplicity and arrogance. When they insult and hurl abuses at the PM, it is freedom of speech and expression, but if someone else speaks their mind, especially on their favourite prince, they decry the erosion of the sacred fundamental rights. However, there is a difference between Pres. Trump and PM Modi. PM Modi is a calm, composed and visionary leader who is connected to the masses- the silent majority. The silent majority knows and appreciates his vision for the nation. The people’s aspirations are what powers him forward and as such, he doesn’t allow himself to be affected. Like it or not, PM Modi has ushered India into a new era. A new India which is not afraid of inflicting pain upon its noisy western neighbour and its sly northern neighbour. A new India which has shown the world that while some countries are hell-bent on bringing destruction through wars and viruses, India believes in peace and helping the world through supplying vaccines and medicines by virtue of being the world’s pharmacy. A new India where the world looks up to India as a responsible global power and a reliable partner in pursuing mutual and shared interests. A new India where everyone has a house, where farmers are liberated from the clutches of the middleman, where dynastic politics are pushed to the backburner and people-centric politics is at the forefront. The list is endless. 
India has always had naysayers. But the ones the nation is presently witnessing is a well-calibrated and orchestrated attack - unrelenting and unforgiving. Their hatred for one man has turned them into saying or doing things which would only make the nation’s enemies smile with joy. In their pursuit of “restoring democracy’’, whatever that is, they’ve gone overboard. The ecosystem has had so much freedom in the past that they’re virtually finding it impossible now to stay relevant in this New India. Imagined fascism is their drug. There’s only one thing to say to such people and their favourite prince: “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.” 
I Longkumer

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