Monday, August 8, 2022

2012 GT seniority list responsible for non-promotion of teachers: RPP

Rising People’s Party (RPP) said the contentious 2012 graduate teachers’ (GT) seniority list was the reason why no graduate teachers had been promoted to the 300 posts of assistant headmasters (AHMs) and headmasters’ (HMs) posts for the past 10 years.
RPP said that due to this, eastern Nagaland had suffered so much in terms of education, resulting in the perpetual backwardness of the region. Referring to NBSE data, RPP said the HSLC pass percentage in eastern Nagaland in 2022 went down to 15.5% from 24.25% in 2021.
Such was the situation in the State’s “dirtiest” department that former students now outranked their former teachers in the seniority list due for promotion as drawn up by the Department of School Education (DoSE), the party said in a statement.
Accusing DoSE of having a “dirty tricks section headed by shamans”, RPP alleged that many primary teachers had managed to sneak into the 2012 GT seniority list, thereby victimizing GTs.
Further, RPP said different yardsticks were used in drawing up the 2012 GT seniority list. Pointing out that regularisation being the yardstick for drawing up the list, it explained that a student who was previously under the tutelage of an “ad hoc teacher” was now “senior” because when the student decided to enter the profession, his entry point was as a “regularised teacher”. And the “ad hoc teacher” was now below in the seniority list because he or she was only “regularised” after the former student, it added.
Declaring that it fully sympathised with the grievances of All Nagaland Graduate Teachers’ Forum (ANGTF) on the issue, RPP said it fully supported the “one-time” measure suggested by the forum to resolve the promotion impasse in the department that all graduate teachers who had completed 30 years of service be promoted to AHMs and HMs with immediate effect.
Alleging that cowardice and lack of leadership were the banes of DoSE, RPP accused the adviser, commissioner & secretary, principal director and the UDA government of being very much aware of the ills plaguing DoSE and yet preferring to hide like the proverbial ostrich in the sand. Perhaps a mass agitation should wake up the ostrich, it added.


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