Wednesday, October 5, 2022

5 Minutes Band & Sunep Lemtur release new Hindi single

5 Minutes Band, in collaboration with a renowned professional singer, song writer, actor, producer, director, composer and an entrepreneur, Sunep Lemtur, released a new Hindi single titled, “Wrong Number” on August 5.
5 Minutes Band is a boy-band formed in the year 2017 from Nagaland comprising four members: Joseph Konyak, Hentick Konyak, Akun Wanghum, Yenwang Konyak.
Having a common goal and passion for music especially in Hindi Music, the four friends decided to work together as a band and released their first song which was a mash up of popular Bollywood and English songs.
Written and composed by the band and Lemtur, the new single is now streaming online on Lemtur’s official YouTube channel that has garnered over 129k views.
The music was produced and mixed by Wangching Vamnokhu, while cinematography was carried out by Tony Assumi (Live Master).
Their first official single “Udaan – A flight” released on February 7, 2020 focused on the younger generation and children who have amazing dreams and aims.
The second single was released the same month, “Mongken (Beloved)”, which earned high accolades from the fans.
After a year gap, they released a new single “Soniye”, which was released worldwide, across all digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, AmazonMusic and Ganna, Savaan and many more platforms. The song is hoped to make a huge comeback for the band. The band is also working on another Nagamese song written and produced by the member of the band Akun Wanghum titled “Sundur Ase”.
The band is managed by Charles Crezen and managed under the banner of Visual Notes Entertainment.