Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5-point ‘solemn declaration’ of NSCN (I-M)

The Naga National workers from Nagaland state comprising sixteen (16) regions, do hereby adopt the following resolution for a unified Nagalim:

  1. We do acknowledge the inalienable political foundation laid down by the founding leaders on the basis of the Naga plebiscite of 16th May 1951, and further, reaffirm the principle and commitment of one People one Nation.
  2. We reject any kind of divisive and repressive policies perpetrated upon the Nagas by the adversaries and its collaborators on the basis of the arbitrary administrative boundaries.
  3. We firmly believe, profess and stand by the Framework Agreement signed on 3rd Aug 2015 for an early honourable and acceptable solution as two sides have already agreed to work out the details on the competencies.
  4. Any solution that disregard historical and political rights of the Nagas by repeating the act of another Naga Peoples Convention (NPC) and imposing its will upon us is not acceptable.
  5. As necessitated by the situation, the house does reiterate its stand by the decision of National Assembly held on 31st May 2022, to uphold and protect Nagas Unique history and National principle at any cost under the leadership of Chairman Ino Q. Tuccu Vice Chairman Ino Tongmeth Wangnao, and General Secretary Ino. Th. Muivah.