Friday, August 19, 2022

7th Mile village council rejoinder to news item

In a rejoinder to the news item ‘Chathe river washes away road’ published on July 27, as stated by the Global Open University vice chancellor Dr HN Dutta, the 7th Mile Village Council has clarified that the particular stretch of road falls under its jurisdiction and not as published.
In a statement, the village council chairman Lhoupe Koza and GB Zeve Koza said that the publication was made without the consent of the actual landowners, which has “deeply tarnish the good relations between the two villages (7th Mile village and Sodzulhou village).”
It further reminded that in order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, the concern authority(s) have been directed to consult the actual land owner (7th Mile village) for executing any developmental activities on the said stretch/land. Failing which, the council cautioned that it would be compelled to take its own course of action to protect landownership rights and hold the concern authority (VC) responsible.


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