Saturday, October 8, 2022

90 year unresolved British-Indo-Naga issue more important than elections: WC, NNPGs

WC, NNPGs recalls the nationalist spirit of the 2000 Naga Labour Corp members who returned from Europe after WWI and formed the Naga Club in 1918; The signatories of 10th January 1929 Memorandum to British Statutory Commission to Naga Hills led by Neihu Angami Hd. Interpreter, Gepo Kacha Naga, Nizhevi Sema, Apomo Lotha, Resilo Rengma, Lenjang Kuki etc.; The NNC stalwarts like T Imti Aliba Ao first President, T Sakhrie Angami, Mhondamo Kithan, A.Z Phizo, Tolhopu Sema, Kughato Sukhai and host of other Naga nationalists.
These pioneers inspire us from their silent graves. Naga political and historical position is strong because of what they did yesterday.
Today, the opposition less government in Nagaland is creating so much friction within Naga tribes.
The GoI is being misinformed on matters on the ground. The overwhelming demand of the people for early solution is being ignored. The narrative is shrewdly being manipulated to electoral narrative from political solution. Government of India (GoI) representatives and inner circle of Nagaland’s elected representatives are visibly saying one thing one day and doing the opposite the next day, playing havoc with the sentiment of the Naga people.
The four point resolution adopted by sixty MLAs on 16th July 2022 gave a clear lucid signal to the GoI that the Naga tribes, state government, apex civil societies and common people were prepared for a political solution.
However, the resolution was not meant to officially reach the PMO or the office of Hon’ble Home Minister of India. It was a mere exercise to fool the Naga people. On 26th July 2022, the NDPP and BJP betrayed the Naga people with a 40-20 pre-poll alliance.
On 5th August 2022, a mammoth really was held at Dimapur for early Indo-Naga solution, organised by Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC) under NGBF platform and endorsed by 37 Naga Civil Societies. Shockingly, some elected members pressurised their own tribal bodies to desist from attending the rally for Naga political solution! A stab on the Naga people’s dream. Apparently, the effort of CM Rio, too, is to keep the ninety year old BRITISH-INDO-NAGA conflict in the backburner and wear a CM crown for another five years partnering the BJP.
The silver lining is, Nagas know that the Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi is a decisive leader, not one to sacrifice a nation’s pride for an individual’s little political game. One hopes, he would not succumb to such temptations primarily because Nagas believe that it has been his personal mission to amicably and honourably solve the decades old Indo-Naga issue during his time. He has assured the Naga people a number of times and Naga tribes still have faith in his leadership.
The GoI, under the Leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi concluded talks with NSCN (IM) with the signing of FA on 3rd Aug. 2015.
The same GoI leadership officially invited WC, NNPGs to begin political negotiations by signing ‘AGREED POSITION’ on 17th November 2017. All entities concluded talks on 31st October 2019.
Clearly differentiating between illusion and reality; sentimentalism and practical geo-political surroundings, WC, NNPGS took the apex tribal bodies into confidence and negotiated with GOI. There is no question of negotiating for Nagas of Nagaland alone.
It is for propagandists to whine on. WC prays for them to wake up to reality. Sufficient political and administrative realignments for Nagas and their ancestral land in the state of Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam is mutually agreed in principle. WC,NNPGs have cordially met the Ahoms, Meiteis and other communities creating a better understanding with Naga neighbours.
Pending integration of Naga areas, GoI will reserve appropriate space and position for the NAGA FLAG, respecting and honouring the Naga political sentiment. For the Naga constitution, Naga tribes will endorse leaders with impeccable knowledge of ancient traditions, customs, usages with historical and social bearings to be incorporated with modern constitutional structures.
Upon the premise of these practical and realistic understanding of the matters, negotiated and agreed in principle, the NSCN IM too have said that the ball is in the court of the GoI. WC, NNPGs is crystal clear that it is by the time for GoI to take a decision.
Anti-solution elements hijacking Naga political solution for personal aggrandizement shall be solely responsible for any eventuality. NNPGs will adhere to the pioneering revolutionary leaders and respond to anti-solution elements as deemed appropriate.
The antagonists should understand that the delay is neither in the interest of GoI nor of Nagas. The question to Honorable Prime Minister of India is, If the GoI was not determined to solve the Naga issue, why was official invitation extended to Naga entities? The Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had the courage and guts to depute trusted interlocutor Mr. R.N Ravi to interlocute with the Naga groups.
The same Hon’ble Prime Minister is still at the helm, he began the talks, he must conclude it. Why begin something if it cannot be concluded? Naga people and their history cannot be held hostage for cheap political gains for cheap selfish leaders. However “It is time to settle Naga Political solution and not Election”.
It is time for GoI to be forthcoming. If a negotiated solution is to be kept undeclared and prolonged, disrespecting and hurting the Naga people’s sentiment, the aggrieved Nagas have every right to revert back to pre-independent India position and status of 1929 memo.
The right to self-determination is not an exclusive right of strong and powerful nations alone. Every struggling agrarian nation, big or small, possess its proud historical and political right to self-determine its own future in consonance with its distinct history and identity.
God bless Nagaland!
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