Sunday, October 2, 2022

A diversion yatra

Although many party veterans have tried; reams even written about its free-fall and television channels discussing about what is going wrong and what needs to done so as to put it back on track; yet for the very party for which all these were meant, it continues to remain in a state of baffling delusion. When most political parties in the world are confronted with a crisis, they look at the problem from all angles and try to find solutions. Do they need to change their leaders? Should they re-examine their policies? Are they failing to get their message across etc. Even in team sports like football or cricket, when a team consistently under performs, a great deal of analysis is done and the coach gets the axe. Once the coach is axed, the team composition also undergoes an overhaul under a new coach with strategies planned to achieve the objective. This sends a right message to all supporters and fans that factors responsible for past failures have been addressed and the fans and supporters are encouraged to continue backing their team. The mysterious thing about the Congress is that no such exercise is taking place. At a time when the Congress is in deep crisis, some likened it to being in a comatose state or in ICU; the immediate need for the party is to effect drastic changes at crucial levels. Since 2019 the party is without a president when Rahul resigned in a huff after leading his party to its second consecutive devastating defeat. After resigning, Rahul in defiance, declared that no member of his family would lead the party. Since that dramatic announcement, Rahul has nevertheless continues to operate as an extra-constitutional authority, exercising the same power he held before. On August 20,2020 party veterans known as G23 wrote to Sonia, demanding transparency and immediate organisational revamp through elections to elect a full time president. The election has been postponed thrice, from August 2020 when the sycophant-filled CWC asked the ailing Sonia Gandhi to continue as interim chief for the next six months. The polls were rescheduled for February 2021 but extended to March 2021. Then on January 22, 2022 the AICC sat and decided to complete the process by June end. The party further postponed the poll process and reset the date for September 20,2022. The poll is now scheduled on October 17. The Congress constitution stipulates that AICC sessions are held every six months or at least once in a year. However, the last AICC session held was way back in March 2018. Some of the stalwarts left in party such as MPs Shashi Tharoor, Karti Chidambaram and Manish Tewari- have demanded ‘transparency, fairness’ in the polls and sought the printed list of 9000 delegates. While Congress needs to re-unite and reinvent itself by holding overdue elections, the party has instead gone off on a Bharat Jodo Yatra. The march, led by Rahul Gandhi and planned to span over for roughly five months, will cover more than 3,570 kilometres from Kanyakumari to Jammu and Kashmir through 12 states and two Union Territories. If the Congress thinks its Jodo Yatra can reconnect it with the masses, then it’s merely an attempt to divert attention from its internal crisis whereas the party should have had a ‘Chhodo Yatra’ (or Leave the Yatra) and get back to brass-tacks.