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‘A Response to NSF’s allegation that the Naga Club was formed only in 2017/18’

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This so-called Naga Club is actually a Naga Football Club and has no relation to the socio-political Naga Club formed in 1918 and well known for the Memorandum to the Simon Commission.
On revival of the Naga Club on 7th Jan. 1982 at Kohima Vill. Panchayat under the auspices of the Naga Elders’ Conference, there ensued a claim of ownership by the so-called Naga Club formed by the NFA and a case filed in the Court of DC.
Subsequently the two contending parties met on 20th Aug. 1983 at the initiative of Angami Public Organization (APO) and resolved the dispute. This matter of some individual laying claim of ownership of the Naga Club therefore has been disposed of and the so-called new Naga Club formed by the NFA was dissolved and the old Naga Club revived under the patronage of the Naga Elders’ Conference bestowed the legitimate rights of the Naga Club.
Therefore, the unfounded fears of the NSF’s claim of individual laying claim to the ownership is unwarranted and null and void.
The Naga Club, in the early part of 2018 conveyed to the NSF of its plan to raise a monolith to commemorate 100 years of Naga Club and had even requested the NSF to come forward as co-owner of Naga Club to which their response was very positive. However, after the Federal Assembly of NSF held at Senapati, Manipur in the month of Sept, 2018 for reasons best known to the NSF, they took a ‘U-turn’ and refused to meet the Naga Club, stating that their meeting with the Naga Club would legitimize the Naga Club, a stand which they have adamantly taken to this day, and refused to even respond to the Club’s various letters of requests for meetings till the end of June 2022.
The Naga Club is unable to comprehend the reasons as to why NSF has taken such a stance, which the Club considers as very unfortunate.
As stated by A. Kevichüsa in 1983, the Naga Club once again reiterate that the Naga Club and its history and assets “belongs to the Nagas as a whole” including the NSF.
The Naga Club, therefore, appeal to all the Nagas to come together to leave a good legacy for future generations.

  1. The Centennial Celebration of the Naga Club: As far as the allegation made by NSF (quote) “the claim seemed to have ulterior motives as it was during its decision to celebrate 100 years of Naga Club in 2018 and honor our ancestors who had laid the foundation of Naga nationhood that ‘this Naga Club’ was formed suddenly to hijack the celebrations …..” (unquote) is a figment of the immature imagination of the NSF. The Naga Club is to once again clarify to all concerned that it did not stop any organization in celebrating the existence of 100 years of Naga Club.
    The NSF as a separate entity has the full freedom to celebrate the 100 years of Naga Club and as a matter of fact, the NSF organized and celebrated the 100 years of Naga Club in Oct. 2018 and had even raised a monolith to commemorate the NSF celebration of 100 years of Naga Club at NSF Solidarity Park, behind Nagaland Govt. Secretariat, Kohima. The Naga Club as an Organization that had survived and existed a hundred years, celebrated its Centennial Celebration on 29th Nov. 2018 at Jotsoma Village. Therefore, the question of hijacking the celebration as wildly alleged does not arise. Also, the Naga Club hereby clarifies to all that it has no intention whatsoever, to hamper the celebration of 75 years of existence of NSF nor has any intent as in the words of NSF (quote) “to turn our celebrations into a nightmare” as blatantly alleged by NSF.
  2. The reconstruction of the Naga Club Building and the vision: Although the Naga Club started as a social club, because of its connection to the Simon Commission, it has been immortalized and has become a living Institution for all the Nagas that became a forerunner and a father to all other subsequent Naga organizations. And though the Naga Club lay dormant for some period of time, it has been reactivated into a vibrant functional body. The Naga Club is deeply concerned with the historical significance of the Club and its building and the historical relevance to the Nagas, rather than the commercial returns that the building may yield. It is on this account that a reconstruction of the Naga Club building is imperative and thus gains significance. It is the earnest endeavor of the officials and representatives of the Naga Club to restore the Naga Club Building to its rightful owner, which is the institution of the Naga Club, and that it may continue to stand tall without fear or favor to shelter and provide a platform to all organization that works for the interest and welfare of every Nagas both far and near.
    The Naga Club possesses all the relevant documents including construction permit and a construction committee comprising of many Naga tribes. Once the reconstruction of the Naga Club Building near the Old Secretariat Complex Kohima is completed, it is envisioned to house a large MUSEUM to preserve and display the Naga traditional artifacts such as antiques, ornaments, tools and equipments, alongside a LIBRARY where all the literature referring to the Naga people, its history, social, political, economic, literary, and important aspects of the Nagas are made available so as to exhibit the illustrious history, culture, heritage and legacy of the Nagas. In consonance with the old tradition where the Naga Club building served as an amenity for the Naga public, it will also house an office as a Morung, a Conference hall and also make provisions to house the various representation of all the Nagas encompassing an inclusive Pan-Naga community to foster unity and to pave way for better understanding so as to usher progress, development and peace. It is therefore hoped that wisdom will prevail over youthful brashness in the good interest of the Nagas. In view of this benevolent mission with a vision, the Naga Club welcomes every Naga to be a part of this historical legacy without any misgivings.
    Information & Publicity Cell, Naga Club, HQ Kohima- Nagaland

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