Sunday, October 2, 2022

ABAM Celebrates 150 Years of Christianity

(To God be the Glory, November 1-3, 2022)

We are all witnesses to the mighty works of God and it is worthy to give Him all glory for His glorious deeds. He deserves our endless praise and thanksgiving. God in His infinite wisdom chose Edward Winter Clark and his wife Mary Mead and their associates to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to people who lived for the practice and glory of headhunting warfare in the Naga Hills. Overcoming all obstacles, Clark and his associates decided to venture to the Naga Hills. They took to themselves immense suffering and hardship as they laid the foundation of Christianity at Molungkimong on December 22, 1872. To commemorate 150 years of Christianity in Naga Hills, ABAM alongside every other Christian believer will celebrate this Jubilee from November 1-3, 2022, under the theme, “To God be the Glory”. The growth of churches and believers in Nagaland is beyond expectations and this testifies that God is at work among us. Today ABAM has 166 churches, 10 fellowships and 1, 24,697 baptised members. Along with ABAM, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) with its 20 constituent member associations, 4 associate members, 1710 churches and 7,22,781 baptised members (NBCC 85th Annual Council Report, 2022) are also preparing to celebrate from November 19-20, 2022. Let all of God’s children raise their voices and declare their Hallelujahs!, as we await this great spiritual jubilation. To this end, may our proclamation emerge from a clear conscience, grounded in truth and humility as we glorify God’s name! May our spiritual eyes witness His blessing and seek to find His favour in us as we celebrate this jubilee.
Were it not for the Lord, we would not be able to rejoice today. Come, let us reason together. Is it not a blessing that ever since Christianity treaded into our lands, God has still not taken His Spirit away from us? May the same Spirit motivate us to recognize God’s blessings in this jubilee. In order to attain God’s blessings in this jubilee, every person, family, church and society must seek to honour God alone. To be able to shun from evil is through understanding and this understanding comes from God alone (Job 28:28). As we dialogue about glorifying God, our faith may be threatened by the ways of the world. Yet, “let us glorify His name for this is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).
Milestones are important, especially for churches and its associations. It is a collective entity, a community built by the congregation. It is our prayer that our Naga community make their passion evident and attest to the mighty works of God in our land. Through the immense grace of God we are able to celebrate glorious days as these. God has led us in the direction of righteousness since its beginning. He started this work and we all are the hands that continue it. May our churches be like a watered Tree, may our branches be abundant in fruit and prosperous in its tidings. May all believers prepare in prayer and orison as we await the celebration of 150 years of Christianity in Naga Hills.
Prof. Rev. Dr. Mar Pongener,
Executive Secretary, ABAM