Tuesday, August 16, 2022

ADUM repairs Medziphema-Mecharü road

In an initiative taken by Auto Drivers’ Union Medziphema (ADUM), the union along with town residents participated in road repairing and leveling from Medziphema town junction till Mecharü bridge on July 16.
In a press release, president, ADUM, Thepfüsalie Meyase stated that they undertook the social work as the road was in “dilapidated condition for decades” however, Meyase said they were aware of the state government’s commitment to blacktop the road till Tsüüma/ Punglwa which was earlier conveyed by the chief minister on May 6 during inauguration of City Centre, Medziphema.
In this regard, the union requested the responsible authorities to repair the road at the earliest.
Further, ADUM acknowledged 7 Assam Rifles (AR) Ghaspani battalion, Medziphema and Arshad Vime Hazarika for JCBs (excavators), NFR Railways for sand gravel, town residents and well-wishers who supported the initiative.

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