Thursday, August 18, 2022

‘Akezisuo Mu Puopuotsa’ book released


A book titled “Akezisuo Mu Puopuotsa” authored by ThejangunuoTheünuo, published by Penthrill publication house was released at Asian Evangelical Bible Seminary, BSF Camp, Kohima on June 28.
The book consists of stories inspired by the author’s father and grandfather and their daily ordinary lives which were an eye opener for her. Through this book, the author wants share their stories and give a glimpse of the old village days and bring it to the world.
In the authors’ note, she acknowledges Penthrill publication house and the people for encouraging and supporting in bringing the nostalgic stories into reality.

The preface of the book is written by Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio while Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu had also given a note on the book.
The author’s father, Neisielie Mepfhü-o also spoke on ‘Living to tell the tale’ wherein, he mentioned the fond memories shared with his father, who told him stories and filled his childhood with colours. He also shared that his father had named him- Akezisuo, out of love.
General Secretary, Ura academy, Prof D. Kuolie acknowledged and lauded the author for taking such a step in writing a book in Tenyidie describing that the language was “beautiful and deeply written”.
Professor Kuolie mentioned that we ought to preserve our language, and only through these stories we could preserve our culture and past. Though Tenyidie was complex, he said that we are yet to fully understand all the intricacies and reminded the gathering that God’s greatest gift to us was our language.
He further remarked that we were taught and studied in English, a foreign language; and how it had ‘led us away’ from our native roots and therefore advocated on the need to speak Tenyidie– that there was a need to preserve it.
In the publisher’s note, Vishü Rita Krocha, lauded the author for the book and the challenges she encountered and overcame while writing the book.
This was the first book published in Tenyidie under Penthrill Publication, a major milestone.
Krocha mentioned that every language had its unique expression which when translated could not be expressed fully and highlighted on the importance to preserve the living languages before they disappeared.
Earlier, programme was chaired by Thepfulhouzo Tsürho, invocation pronounced by CRC Rüsoma pastor, Rev. Khrieo Mezhü. Book dedication was carried out by senior pastor, Cross Wonder Church Kohima, Rev. Ketouzo Theünuo, while vote of thanks was proposed by pastor, CRC Chiephobozou, Pavi Pao. Special numbers were presented by Vilakhonuo Keditsu and Kikruneinuo Kechü.


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