Tuesday, July 5, 2022

‘Alikhong Lang’ inaugurated at Kiphire

‘Alikhong Lang’, Alikhong Sector, Rest House Ward, in Kiphire Town was inaugurated on Tuesday with Singrep Yangdong Suro Ashimukhong (Singrep village Citizen Union) president, A. Island Peace Yangthsaba as special guest.
In a press release, Alikhong Sector, Rest House Ward chairman, Khalise Louise informed that during the programme, the special guest emphasised on the need to maintain the road from time to time and assured assistance from the organisation in further construction of the road.
The special guest said good roads were important for all round development and urged upon the state government and responsible department to assist the ward in all possible ways to further extend the road till Phahroki and Tukhaki which would be able to provide daily bread to many unemployed youths and families as there were enough natural resources.
The programme was also attended by ex–candidate, 60 A/C Pro– Kpe, T. Lirimong, former deputy chairperson, Kiphire Town Council, K. Tsilise Sangtam and United Sangtam Likhum Pumji former vice – president, R. Tsitongse Sangtam, along with various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), GB association and others.
After the inaugural programme at the junction of Fire & Emergency Services, a road inspection was carried out and the follow up programme was held at the residence of Alikhong Sector, Rest House Ward, Kiphire Town chairman, Khalise Luise.
The Alikhong Lang measuring around 600-700 Metres was initiated by Singrep Yangdong Suro Ashimukhong led by Singrep Village General Council with community participation and without any assistance from the government, the release informed.

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