Wednesday, May 18, 2022

ANGPTA appeals for release of salary

All Nagaland Government Primary Teachers Association (ANGPTA) has appealed to the state government to disburse the salaries of employees on time.
Reminding the state government of its “no work, no pay” rule, ANGPTA vice president (adm) Hoshika H Sumi said the government would compel them to go for “No pay, no work” if the two-month salary was not paid within a few days. It said the government employees especially teachers’ families, who solely depend on salary, have not been paid for two months.
Stating that some sections of the employees have been paid only one month salary, the association has, however, questioned the government how much amount were teachers expected to take home after deducting two months EMI from the bank.
ANGPTA also said that the government servants without salary for more than two months were much worried about the CIBIL score with the bank.
It said that most of the government employees, especially the government school teachers, depended on bank loans to meet their needs.
ANGPTA has, therefore, appealed to the state government to do away with the system of delay in salary disbursement and pay on time so the efficiency of work could be expected from the employees.


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