Monday, August 15, 2022

ANGTF asks govt to act on backlog cases of GTs

All Nagaland Graduate Teachers Forum (ANGTF) on Saturday, asked the state government for onetime measure exercise to clear backlog cases of graduate teachers’ (GTs) promotion stagnation.
In a letter address to the advisor DoSE & SCERT, ANGTF general secretary Temjenyapang, advisor Ponchulo Wanth and convenor Kekuolhouthie stated that there were “serious anomalies” in the seniority list of GTs owing to “department’s differential treatment” by applying different yard stick to count seniority of GTs appointed on adhoc basis.
They said that some group of GTs have been regularised with effect from the date of appointment whereas service of other groups were regularised effecting from the date of regularisation.
ANGTF said by applying with different yardstick to determine service seniority of GTs, there were cases of supersession in promotion where juniors (who got regularised from date of appointment) overtook seniors being regularised from the date of regularisation.
On account of disputed seniority list of GTs, promotion case could not be taken up for the past 10+ years which in turn led to severe stagnation of GTs promotion in the department, the forum stated.
Referring to the available records in the department, ANGTF said there were about 300 posts of AHM lying vacant (which couldn’t be filled up) due to defective seniority list of GTs.
It said that the problem pertaining to GTs’ seniority was the “creation of government/department” and therefore, it was the duty for the government to take corrective measures.
In order to solve the problem of GTs promotion stagnation, ANGTF said the only solution was to initiate one-time measure by the department in order to clear backlog cases of the same.
It said the situation in the department needs “wisdom and statesmanship” by exercising the one-time measure.
It suggested that the one-time measure exercise may be carried out in the form of promoting trained GT (who have completed 30 years and above followed by 28/29 years as per requirement of vacancies) to fill up existing vacancies of AHM posts on the basis of inter se-seniority.

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