Tuesday, September 27, 2022

ANGTF urges state govt to review LDE

All Nagaland Graduate Teachers Forum (ANGTF) has urged the state government to review the Limited Departmental Examination (LDE) for recruitment of AHM/JEO posts through NPSC and put it on hold put till the ongoing revision of Nagaland School Education Service Rules 2017 was completed.
In a press release, ANGTF convener Kekuolhouthie, advisor Ponchulo Wanth and secretary Temjenyapang asserted that the posts of AHM/JEO were promotional posts, which should be filled up through promotion of GTs with B.Ed on seniority.
The forum maintained that posts of AHM/JEO were not to be recruited through NPSC exam or by any other agencies other than through promotion of GTs with professional degree.
It stated that AHM/JEO posts were “exclusively” for the GTs and cannot be shared with anyone.
ANGTF said all the concerned aggrieved GTs were mentally prepared to fight against the policy tooth and nail till it was reviewed and restored to the original system of filling the vacancy through promotion.
Through LDE exercise, the forum alleged that government was “now sowing the seeds of hatred and division among the teachers” creating distrust between the teaching fraternity.
It expressed regret that the government instead of healing the old/pre-existing wounds (promotion stagnation) was trying to enlarge it by applying its divisive policy (LDE) through NPSC.
The forum cautioned the department that if LDE in its present form was implemented without revision, it will lead to supersession. It explained that seniors, who had served for 20-30 or more years, would be superseded by juniors of 10 years in service from outside the cadre.
Further, the forum maintained that if all the Primary Teachers (PTs) holding graduate degree with PSTE/DEL.ED were allowed to appear the recruitment exam for the post of AHM/JEO, then their posts should be converted into GTs against the regular vacancy of GT because GT is the feeder
post to the AHM/JEO posts in the department promotion hierarchy.
The forum also argued GTs who possessed Post Graduate degree with B.Ed should be allowed to appear the recruitment exam for the post of Vice Principal by incorporating a provision in the revised Deptt Service Rules if PTs who possessed graduate degree were made eligible to sit for the recruitment exam of AHM/JEO vacancies.
Pointing out the “defective provisions/parts” of the department service Rules 2017, the forum has sought necessary rectifications.
It also reaffirmed its earlier stand on clearing backlog cases of GTs promotion stagnation in the department before implementation of the new rules.
ANGTF has appealed to the competent authority to put up all its effort to clear the pending cases through promotion and apply the new rule for upcoming anticipated vacancies of AHM& JEO respectively.
Meanwhile, the frum has appealed that during ongoing revision, besides LDE, all other controversial points/bone of contention/provisions/ defectives in the current Service Rules, should be removed/rectified in the interest of the employees of the department.