Wednesday, May 18, 2022

ANPSA welcomes notification to delink Hr Sec from degree colleges

All Nagaland Private Schools’ Association (ANPSA) has welcomed the State government’s notification delinking Classes 11 and 12 from degree colleges and hoped that it would be implemented in letter and spirit during this academic year.
Appreciating the government notification, ANPSA president Nini Sekhose, vice-president Father Jacob Charale and general secretary PJ Nathan said the first such order came out in 2013.
As the New Education Policy (NEP), 2020 had recommended schooling to be 5+3+3+4, taking into account the pre-primary years of schooling too, the association explained that students from classes 9 to 12 were taken as a block, more or less requiring the same kind of teaching and learning in a school atmosphere.
It stressed that degree college should be a whole new exciting experience for students where they step into a new world with different methodologies of teaching and learning, different expectations and assessment patterns.


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