Monday, August 15, 2022

ANTPEUU asks govt to advertise post of PETs

All Nagaland Trained Physical Education Unemployed Union (ANTPEUU) has expressed dismay over the responsible departments for delaying advertisement for Physical Education Teachers (PETs) for four years. In a press release, ANTPEUU president Kivilu K Kiba and general secretary Imchatsung stated that some members have overaged and many were “on the verge of overaging.”
During its meeting on Wednesday, ANTPEUU discussed “unattended matters and delaying of the union’s demands” by the state government.
While appreciating the officials of the upcoming Nagaland Olympics where the state government would be promoting athletes in sports, the union said it was disheartened to see that PETs were neglected as they were instrumental in moulding, preparing and encouraging young sportspersons at grassroots.
It claimed that there the quality of athletes reflected the neglect of individuals at young age and physical teachers and coaches who it said, were given “less importance” in schools.
The union also visited responsible departments where grievances were shared and placards were displayed, which read, “I am overaged”, “is our degree course a curse not to get a job in Nagaland?”, etc.
The union encouraged the members to grab opportunities in sports where they could practice their profession rather than waiting for the state government to bring changes.
It also appealed to all the trained unemployed physical education individuals to get enrolled in ANTPEUU. Further, the union expressed hope that the state government will soon pay heed to its demand.

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