Friday, October 7, 2022

Ao organizations perturbed by NSCN (I-M) attacks on Dr. Jamir

Several Ao organisations have expressed concern over NSCN (I-M)’s constant attack on former governor and chief minister Dr SC Jamir.
USM: Ungma Senso Mungdang (USM) said it was disturbed by the recent accusations levelled against Jamir by NSCN (I-M) for his statements on the Naga political situation. As the last living Naga political icon, who has observed the course of Naga political struggle, USM president I Tiajungba Tatar and general secretary Senmoaba Imsong said it was only fitting that Dr. Jamir also spoke the truth and that whatever he said represented his personal opinion and views as a true bona fide citizen of Nagaland.
USM said the accusation made by NSCN (I-M) that Jamir was “scheming with the Centre to destroy the very foundation of the Naga political identity that the Naga people have shed blood, sweat and tears over the decades” was a highly cruel statement that could not be dismissed lightly.
USM also took serious note of the NSCN (I-M) describing Dr. S.C. Jamir as a “destructive person” and having fondness “for creating bloodshed”. The Mungdang countered that as a “true Naga citizen, who has given his life for the greater good” and also have served the highest levels of government, Dr. Jamir cannot be “described as destructive.”
Further, USM has said that despite levelling of accusations by NSCN (I-M) against Dr. Jamir for a long time, he (Jamir) “has handled them with dignity”. USM vowed that it will not remain a silent spectator “if our leader is subjected to any form of harm or threat.”
OKM: Ongpangkong Students’ Conference (OKM) also expressed concern over the recent charges by NSCN (I-M) against Jamir. Declaring that every individual had the right to free speech and expression as a genuine Naga and Indian citizen, OKM president Limatongzuk Jamir and assistant general secretary Supongmeren Jamir said they were deeply disturbed against the attacks on the experienced Naga political leader over his statements on the Naga political situation. They mentioned that Jamir’s utterances on Naga political matters were his own opinions and beliefs, adding that they believed that his statements were not intended to do any damage.
According OKM, NSCN (I-M)’s defamation of Jamir by branding him a traitor and a destructive person was an extremely cruel statement that should not be discarded lightly. OKM asserted that it would be irresponsible to label someone like him as destructive and harmful. They felt that the war of words, accusations, and counter-allegations would not result in a beneficial outcome, rather it would only weaken and create more division among the Nagas. They thus urged all stakeholders working for a peaceful Naga settlement to strive diligently for a timely political solution for the Nagas.
MTLT: Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) said it was upset over NSCN (I-M)’s constant attack on the former chief minister and only surviving signatory of 16-Point Agreement, which was getting much unhealthy publicity in Naga society.
MTLT president Imnaonen Pongen and general secretary Imkongchuba Pongen in a press communiqué said the animosity between a Naga political organisation and the former governor was not a healthy development in Naga people’s quest for an honourable and acceptable solution. They called for a broad-based consensus based on mutual respect and vision for the Naga people.
Terming the present acrimony between NSCN (I-M) and Jamir as a sad and unwelcome episode, especially at this crucial juncture of Naga political history, MTLT warned that this could destroy decades of peace parleys between the Central government and Naga political groups.
MTLT endorsed the stance of Ao Senden, calling for an end to this blame game on May 22, 2022. They said they stood by the statement of Ao Senden. They declared that every Naga was a stakeholder in the Naga political issue and had every right to speak out and share opinions on the Naga issue, especially by a leader like Jamir.
Stifling a person’s political opinion at this juncture, especially when all the issues were hopefully on the verge of being finalised, was something which MTLT found very disconcerting and unwarranted in a democratic society like the Nagas, they added. MTLT hoped that all the stakeholders, especially those at the negotiating table and also those whose lives would be determined because of this much-awaited solution, to show maturity and foresight as the Naga people endeavoured for a better future.