Thursday, August 18, 2022

Aos as pioneers should work for inclusive Nagaland: Temjen Imna Along


Minister for Higher Education & Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along said Aos as pioneers should start thinking differently and that they should work for a Nagaland where all the Naga tribes were inclusive.
“We need an inclusive Nagaland where all the tribes live in unity with a prospect for development, employment, economic viability and socio-cultural identity”, Along stated.
Speaking at the Tsüngremong festival organised by Soyim Students’ Union (Soyim Shisaluyimer Telongjem) Ungma, under Mokokchung district at Babu Tzübu Amphitheatre on the theme “Tsüngkang Medemshi”, he said an exclusive attitude had divided the fabric of Naga community.
In this regard, he asked the Ao community as pioneers to “change their ways of thinking” in order to create an inclusive Nagaland.
He pointed out that although today’s youth were incredibly intelligent, their levels of tolerance have decreased and their hearts had become limited to thinking about oneself.
Along said everyone should take part in making improvements because one person’s participation along would not be enough.
Further, he urged upon everyone to conserve and pass on what was significant to this generation “rather than mixing tradition and culture with faith.”
He also urged upon Ungma village to serve as custodian of Ao customs and culture.
Stating that a society could only advance if the youth introspected on the past, he said people lacked the ability to stand up for themselves on the basis of socioeconomics, tradition, politics and culture.
He asserted that in order to foster unity, people must continue to develop their culture and traditions since these would bring everyone together.
At the programme, welcome address was delivered by STT president Moatemsu Longkumer, Tsüngremong greetings was delivered by Ao Students’ Conference president Nungtokyanger Ao while Imtidongba Jamir spoke on significance of the day.
Altogether, six student bodies from six Ao ranges—Ongpangkong, Langpangkong, Jangpetkong, Japukong, Asetkong and Tzurangkong presented Tsüngremong items.


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