Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Art of political rhetoric

For too long have people in Nagaland have been doing less to build their economy but indulging too much in politics as a consequence of which today that are too many self-acclaimed experts articulating views that pervade various fora. It seems that Nagas, at least of Nagaland, have become experts in the field of Naga politics and their articulation echo at various fora. It is the only activity that seem to dominate the landscape. Whenever there are two or three gathered together, politics is in their midst. The consequences of over indulgence in politics have become an aberration with consequences that are evidenced through -corruption, nepotism and lack of transparency and accountability. This is because, in politics, those in power talk about politics especially the Naga political issue which has become a consuming subject. Having stormed to power, albeit initially through support of NDM legislators to beat a challenge from the Congress, NPF had promised solution within three months after coming to power. Naga political issue and nothing else mattered, not even non-performance, poor governance and consequent all-pervading corruption. After all, if there were any who were against what were being done under the name of Naga political issue, were damned as being against it and consequently anti-Naga. Thus, having apportioned a wholesale dealership of Naga political issue, it meant that those in power could do anything under the sky since they and no one else, were defenders of Naga rights. Nagaland has been ravaged by this spectre of khushi-khushi syndrome. People groaned under the weight of rampant unauthorised and illegal collections under whatever name. The clichés of being in power on the premise of being a “people’s government” or “popularly mandated government”, claims of being where they are through muscle and money power; remain as real challenges needed for reformation. After around 19 years of regionalism being at the helm through a divisive agenda of ‘Us versus Them’ and “if you’re not with us then you’re against us” ; today there has been a belated realisation that things have totally gone wrong. Earlier, politics was the vehicle for development and decades later, it(politics) should be left to politicians. Nagaland has fallen behind all other north eastern states in matters of development- progress in the lives of the common people socially and economically. This newspaper, had on several occasions since the past decade, had maintained that the duty and responsibility of an elected government is to fulfil its constitutional obligations for the betterment and welfare of the people who elected them. The neglect of constitutional obligation to provide and effective governance has led to a cascading effect on the entire system. If there was any honest intention of creating a conducive atmosphere,it was in establishing a platform so that peace and development can be achieved. Political solution is not for a thousand, two thousand or five thousand people or the 60 or the few hundred in service but nearly 20 lakh people in one state and lakhs in other states. Nagaland’s experiment with a brand of rhetorical politics and brilliant abracadabra illusion has to end, not only for the people but for the issue(s) that their leaders had said were the issues of the people.

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