Tuesday, August 16, 2022

‘Ashu Igha Phuwo Ghili’ book released at Ighanumi village

A book titled, “Ashu Igha Phuwo Ghili”, authored by Saikha Zhimomi on Ashu Igha, the first settler of Ighanumi village was released by Sümi Hoho president, I. Nikheto Zhimomi at Ighanumi village community hall on July 29.
In a press release, head GB Ighanumi village, Nikuto Swu informed that SH president, I. Nikheto Zhimomi in his speech, stressed on how Nagas did not have written records and that everything was passed down by word of mouth.
Lamenting that the record of history was slowly disappearing, he said publishing such type of book would immensely benefit Sümis and Nagas.
Through this book, Nikheto expressed hope that the younger generation and Sümi community would be gain more insight on their roots and history.
He also reminded the people of Ighanumi to preserve and protect the flora and fauna of Ashu Igha village so that it would help researchers trace their roots and history and at the same time, attract visitors and tourists which in turn would benefit the village.
Former Ighanumi village chairman, Kuhoji Kiba; VC chairman, Isak Lohe; VCM Vitoi Swu, and head GB Ighavito, Zhuwoto Kiba also delivered short speeches.
The programme was chaired by village council secretary, Kuhovi Sumi, pastor, Khatio Ighanumi AG church blessed the book, Ighanumi village head GB, Nikuto Swu delivered greetings and author, Saikha Zhimomi proposed vote of thanks.
It may be mentioned that the book was released with the consent of Ighanumi Village Council.

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