Friday, August 19, 2022

Assam MP urges MPs to raise flood, erosion issue in Parliament

Lok Sabha MP from Assam, Pradyut Bordoloi has urged all Members of Parliament across party and state lines to consider raising the demand for comprehensive and sustainable interventions by the Centre against floods and erosion in Assam during the upcoming monsoon session of the House.
According to The Shillong Times, in a recent letter to both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs, Bordoloi stated that the second wave of floods in Assam has been “far more severe” in nature in comparison to floods of the past decades, along with severe riverbank erosion.
“Given the nature and scale of flooding in Assam, and that it involves the larger question of river-basin management, the role and support of the Union government is key. The comprehensive tackling of flooding and riverine erosion, cannot be left to the meagre resources of a single state like Assam,” the veteran Congressman and MP from Nagaon constituency, wrote.
According to data provided in the Lok Sabha in December last year, no funds were released under National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) to Assam in the years 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2021-22.
“In 2020-21, while the state government has sought Rs 2642.99 crore for restoration work, only a mere Rs 44.37 crore was released,” he stated.
“In this context, I draw your attention to the long-standing plea to declare flooding in Assam as a national calamity because this perennial problem of Assam has to be addressed holistically. With 40 percent of Assam’s area (close to 32 lakh hectares) being flood-prone, roughly four times higher than the national mark of 10.2 percent, the issue of water-induced disasters in Assam is too grave to be relegated as a regional or state demand,” the MP stated.
“In the upcoming Monsoon session of Parliament, I urge MPs across party and state lines to consider raising the demand for comprehensive and sustainable interventions for flooding and erosion in Assam, for flooding to be declared as a national calamity, and for responsibility of flood management and control to be fixed primarily with the Union ministry of Jal Shakti, among other recommendations by the Standing Committee on the Water Resources on 2020-21,” Bordoloi stated.
He further requested the MPs to use their platforms to amplify the “much sidelined issue”, to consider appealing to the Union government for an increase in the quantum of central aid for Assam, and to contribute to relief efforts.


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