Sunday, August 14, 2022

Assam to have largest pork processing plant

Assam is set to get India’s largest pork processing plant in the country considering the large scale demand for the meat – the favourite food of Northeast, reports
Atul Bora, Minister of Agriculture and Veterinary, said, “We have planned to have the largest pork processing plant in the country in Nazira of Assam. For that, 400 pigs will be needed for daily processing. Construction, machinery, advanced equipment are ready for the plant. but work is at pause due to African Swine fever in the state.”
“Assam has been the largest consumer of pork meat, but only 60 percent of the consumed meat is from northeast. The market is taken over by Punjab, Haryana. They earn over 2000 crore from Nagaland itself. So now we want to bring more benefits to farmers of Assam and make them self-sustained,” added Bora.
The minister further said that due to African Swine fever over 40,482 pigs have died in the states since 2020-2022.
“If one swine in the farm gets this flu it will spread to the whole farm and thus kill them all. So we have tried to generate awareness among the farmers so that they take necessary steps for Kaling. They will get compensation for Kaling, but not for dead pigs. Once the ASF is detected they must call for Kaling and we will do it within 3 days of that. After that the compensation for Kaling will be credited to the farmers account.” “As of now we have stopped selling of pork meet in certain areas of Upper Assam where it is spreading fast. But it must be noted that African Swine fever doesn’t spread to human being, even if consumed. But that can spread over to other healthy swines. So we request the farmers to stay alert and aware and help us tackle this dangerous African Swine fever in the swines of the state,” Bora said.


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