Monday, October 3, 2022

Asukhomi Old village celebrates 200 yrs

DIMAPUR: Asukhomi Old Village celebrated 200 years of its existence, bicentennial jubilee under the theme “Honouoring the past, envisioning the future” at its Church on Sunday.
Speaking at the celebration programme, advisor School Education, KT Sukhalu asserted that Sumi were labelled as warriors and that in this contemporary era they should also become warriors in education.
He said that though they were known as the forward tribe but lacked behind others in the field of education. He therefore urged the community to come forward and compete with the rest of the community in education in good terms.
The advisor also lauded the Asukhomi village and said that among Zunheboto block, Asukho was ahead in the field of education.
He therefore called the villagers to be a torch bearer by creating opportunities for the educated unemployed.
He also urged the students to never forget its village no matter where they study.
On the occasion, Sukhali also said that there were only 92 language teachers in Nagaland and that to preserve the culture, customs and languages, the government was working on creating jobs for language teachers.
He further added that the department of School Education will be announcing advertisements to recruit teachers in Hindi, Maths and Physics for those candidates, who fulfilled the eligibility criteria.
Earlier, Sukhalu also inaugurated the jubilee stone after a dedicatory prayer by pastor SBC Dimapur, Vishiho Shohe.
Pastor Asukhomi Baptist Church, Benito Zhimo, spoke on the theme of the jubilee.