Saturday, October 8, 2022

Authorities demand release of abducted NSCC employee

Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang, All Ward Union Changtongya Town, Akhoya Putu Tatar Menden and Changtongya Putu Tatar Menden have vehemently condemned abduction of one Ramakanth Giri, senior supervisor of and engineer of Nitin Sai Construction Company (NSCC) by unknown person on September 21 morning from Changtongya town.
The company is engaged in the Changtongya-Longleng road construction works. The range, wards and village authorities have demanded immediate safe release of Giri and warned of stern action if the abductors failed to do so by September 22.
In a separate statement, Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang through its general secretary R Nukshi Lkr condemned the inhuman act of NSCN-K (YA) for the abduction of Ramakanth Giri.
Demanding unconditional release of Giri within 24 hours, LTM warned that the public would take its own course of action if the group failed to do so.
LTM reminded that Langpangkong range was a “tax free zone”, which was also highlighted in the print media on several occasions.