Thursday, August 18, 2022

Authorities on alert for toxic fumes after cargo plane crash in northern Greece

Greek authorities were on alert for toxic fumes after a Ukrainian cargo airplane crashed near Kavala city in northern Greece, Greek national broadcaster ERT reported.
On Sunday, authorities advised residents of nearby communities to close their windows and doors due to toxic fumes after the crash and ensuing fire.
There is still no official information on the number of people on board and details of the plane’s cargo.
The Antonov An-12 plane was on route from Serbia to Jordan as the pilot requested permission for an emergency landing and notified Greek authorities of a failure in one of the engines, Xinhua news agency reported quoting ERT.
The report added eight or 10 people were on board, citing local authorities. A rescue operation is still underway, with special units of disaster personnel approaching the site with precaution given the unconfirmed information that the plane carried 12 tons of dangerous goods, including ammunition, ERT reported.
In addition to the fumes, there is an unidentified white substance onsite, irritating the eyes and mouth of firefighters, Marios Apostolidis, a fire service officer, told Greek national news agency AMNA.
Two firefighters were transferred to a local hospital with respiratory problems, ERT reported.
Eyewitnesses saw the plane in flames crash into a corn field some 500 meters away from a residential area on Saturday evening, with explosions following, according to the reports.
Electricity in communities near the crash site was briefly interrupted as the plane damaged cables before crashing.


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