Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Awareness prog on adolescent nutrition & health

An awareness campaign on the topic, “adolescent nutrition and health” was conducted by Adolescent Friendly Health Clinic (AFHC) District Hospital, Mon on April 30 at Little Flower School Mon.
National Health Mission (NHM) Mon informed that counsellor, Kenyuhyule Thong (clinical psychologist) spoke on the issue of body shaming among teenagers in the age of social media.
Thong said body shaming not only lowered a person’s self-esteem but also led to eating disorders accompanied by stress, depression and anxiety.
On how being body shamed could be harmful to young adults, Thong said in extreme cases, teenagers could end up suffering from eating disorders.
“Some teenagers will avoid eating for long periods of time and when they can’t take it anymore, they will start to binge eat. Others can end up developing a harsh case of bulimia,” Thong informed. She further encouraged the youth to focus on caring for themselves.