Sunday, October 2, 2022

Baichung, Renedy to grace Sumi Hoho Trophy

Former Indian football captains, Baichung Bhutia and Renedy Singh will be attending the closing ceremony of Sumi Hoho Trophy at Suruhuto town on March 8.
A press release issued by manager ground operations of Atoqa Tea Producer Company Limited (ATPCL) global network group, Tokato Yepthomi, informed that it will be facilitating the arrival of United Sikkim FC 11 in the state accompanied by former Indian football captain Baichung Bhutia, Arjuna awardee, Padma Sri and also the brand ambassador of “Nagaland premium tea” produced in Atoqa Tea Factory (new tea product in the market available now in retails), Nikheku village under Niuland district.
Further former Indian football captain, Renedy Singh, the founder of classic football academy presently training 600 young aspiring footballers under 17 years, would join from Imphal, the entourage including Bollywood playback singer NK Naga releasing the Sumi football song during the event would be proceeding to Suruhuto with the guest of honour for the event, Wing Commander S Akheto Jakhalu, VSM who also hails from Suruhuto sub-division.
The exhibition match in solidarity of grassroot football in the state would be played between Sumi 11 and Baichung 11 USFC on March 9 at 9 am during the closing ceremony. The Sumi Hoho Trophy is conducted under the aegis of apex Sumi Games and Sports Association (SGSA) having 20 sub units covering all Sumi areas in Nagaland and upper Assam.
Global Network Group, having its presence in Suruhuto with Naga Hill Agro producers’ enterprise office operating since 2018, promoting ginger and cardamom plantation in the area would be hosting the Sikkim United team in Suruhuto.
The enterprise (NHAPE) has been selected by Nagaland Organic Mission, Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Nagaland, under MOVCDNER/NEDFi, for setting up the first cardamom and ginger processing plant in the sub-division, which is likely to be operational by September 2022.
It further informed that as part of its CSR initiative Global Network Group, would be supporting coach training in Siliguri under the guidance of Baichung Bhutia to set up under -14 team in Suruhuto sub-division and will sponsor talented players for trials in professional FC to give them the appropriate platform and support, under the banner of Suruhuto Area Sports Association (SASA).
During the visit, the guests and other participating sub units would be visiting various potential identified tourism spots being developed under the vision plan of GNG, like miniature bamboo/bird watching trail, pine view point walk trail, exotic fish angling in high altitude fishery ponds, cardamom and ginger spice gardens under NHAPE, proposed international prayer centre under construction, binocular rock bee hive view point, honey producing village Kholeboto/Zhekuto etc mainly targeted towards Eco/religious/Agro Tourism integrated with conservation to achieve sustainable rural tourism to improve the local economy, as the area also falls under Indo – Burma bio diversity hotspots having endangered rich flora and fauna.
Baichung Bhutia, who is also the founder of Baichung Bhutia Football School (BBFS) across 21 cities in India nurturing young grass root football is closely associated with Suruhuto sub-division and had also donated to Suruhuto COVID task force during the pandemic in 2020.
During the return, an exhibition match will be played with WSSA 11 in Dimapur on March 11at DDSC stadium. It may be mention that Renedy Singh and Baichung Bhutia are presently the advisors to Western Sumi Sports Association (WSSA).