Monday, October 3, 2022

BJP has dumped NPF, NDPP in Manipur: Therie

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) took a jab at both NDPP and NPF in Nagaland by saying that it came as no surprise, that BJP- has dumped them for the upcoming election in Manipur. He termed BJP contesting solo in Manipur as a big challenge to secular and like-minded voters.
NPCC president K Therie said it was also a pity as enough strength and power had been given by the regional parties to BJP to stand on its own, thereby endangering the future of tribals and minorities, especially the freedom of religion. He said that as tribals being too simple, too short sighted, too short tempered and lacking tolerance and patience, they cannot remember the past and nor could they see the future.
Therie said tribals forgot history and even their ancestors for temporary gains, temporary pleasure and temporary riches. He said tribals also talked of rights without understanding the “other side of coin”. He alleged that BJP had its own dream of communal nationalism and that it was Hindustan with one language (Hindi) and one religion (Hinduism). While saying that tribals did not fit with RSS/BJP’s idea of nationalism, Therie called for freedom of religion as tribals cannot compromise with their identity, culture, customs and social practices.