Thursday, August 18, 2022

BJP MLAs committed to early solution

In an effort to clarify its stand on Naga solution vis-a-vis election, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislators of Nagaland have assured the Naga people of their unwavering stand and support for an early solution to the “Indo-Naga” political issue, that was acceptable and honourable.
In a statement, state BJP legislators maintained that they have “always remained firm” in their commitment to an early Naga solution. The BJP legislators also reaffirmed that the party continued to remain focused on this stand without any compromise adding, “it would be a grave mistake to think otherwise by anyone.”
The BJP legislators also maintained that the aspirations of the people and final solution were of “supreme priority”, and that the party was “ever ready to walk extra mile” to contribute in ushering a lasting solution that would “ultimately take us to the path of permanent peace, faster development and a brighter future to our people.”
They also said the Naga cause transcended to all others and reassured the people of Nagaland that BJP was “unfazed in its resolve for early solution.”
They also reasserted that the role of legislators was that of a facilitator in order that the entire negotiation process rested with the negotiating parties in order to culminate into a final solution.
BJP Nagaland has, therefore, urged the negotiating parties to expedite the process for final solution at the earliest.


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