Thursday, August 18, 2022

Businessman duped by fraudsters in govt guest house

The Lucknow police have busted a gang that booked a room at a VVIP guest house here and used it to dupe a businessman of Rs 50 lakh, officials said on Wednesday.

The fraudsters called the businessman to the VVIP guest house and took money in the name of helping him get government contracts.

The victim who is a resident of Delhi, has accused a man and four of his aides of attempting to defraud him in the name of facilitating work in the Uttar Pradesh government during a meeting with him at the guest house.

According to senior officials, government guest houses are used by con men to appear genuine while trapping the innocent.

A senior police officer said that they were trying to find out who booked room 506 in the guest house.

Similar incidents have been reported from other government guest houses as well.

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