Monday, August 8, 2022

CAB Kiphire discusses welfare of children

Childline Advisory Board (CAB) Kiphire conducted a meeting on August 4, in the conference hall of the deputy commissioner’s (DC) Kiphire, to discuss the issues with reagard to the welfare of children.
According to a DIPR report, CHILDLINE director, Tsusu Mary highlighted POCSO Act 2021, (Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses).
She also stated that it was difficult for them to convince parents when their children get abused, saying that exposing their abuse to the organisation was not right since it would affect their career and bring a bad reputation in the society.
In this regard, she informed that many cases went unreported. Further, Tsusu urged upon all the departments to support the ministry in every aspect in order to bring positive changes in the district.
In his address, DC Kiphire, T Wati Aier encouraged CHILDLINE team to organise sensitisation and awareness programmes for church leaders and parents so that they can disseminate information to children.
Reporting on CHILDLINE activities, Levi informed that they were collecting data on children under the age of 18 years who were staying and working with foster parents and relatives through the village council.
Some of the agendas highlighted in included— no gynecologist in Kiphire District Hospital; if a child-friendly room could be maintained in the police station; conducting awareness programme for church leaders and students’ bodies on child-related issues in collaboration with stakeholders and timely check up on major places where children hang out at night as Kiphire has good number of substance abusers.

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