Monday, August 8, 2022

CBOUK informs public on revised bus rates

City Bus Owners Union Kohima (CBOUK) has informs the public that due to the “time lapse since the last rate fixation and rise in fuel prices”, the city bus fare will be increased July 4.
In a press release, CBOUK president Nometo Kin and general secretary Mhasivinaki N Aki informed that the bus rates have been revised as follows: Kezieke to Tinpatti—Rs. 10; Tinpatti to H.S Junction—Rs. 10; Tinpatti to Razhü Point—Rs. 10; Razhü Point to Phoolbari—Rs. 10; Phoolbari to PHQ—Rs. 10; Razhü Point to PHQ—Rs. 20; PHQ to Town, Kezieke—Rs. 20; Kezieke to HS Junction—Rs. 20 and PHQ to Lerie—Rs. 20.
CBOUK informed that the revised rate was approved by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and deputy commissioner (DC) Kohima and chairman, RTA Kohima after considering several factors, including rising fuel costs, maintenance costs and other expenses. The union also informs that there will be 50% concession of fare for students in full uniform during school hours and renewal fee of city busses is extended till July 15.
Further, CBOUK reminded drivers to strictly abide by traffic rules and regulations.

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