Monday, October 3, 2022

CCEM holds consultative meet
on clean election movement

KOHIMA: The core committee of Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) conducted a consultative meeting with apex body, Chakhesang Public Organisation and other frontal organisations of the community in Kohima, on Monday.
A press release from CCEM informed that during the meeting, CCEM chairman Rev. Vezopa Rhakho informed that common guidelines and other materials such as posters and pamphlets with regard to clean election would soon be worked out.
He said that the “church in Nagaland was mocked at for its clean election movement and NLPT Act” but that “did not mean the church failed”.
Rev. Vezopa said it was rather able to slowly educate the public and make them realise what was good and bad.
Having achieved even a few percent is an achievement in itself, he said and encouraged the members not to give up.
Member CCEM Murohu Chotso explained on the electoral roll and laid emphasise on one man-one vote and one enrolment in one electoral roll.
Executive secretary of Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC), Rev. Khrotso Mero observed electoral system itself was excellent however, it was the public that were manipulating the system.
In this regard, the reverend said the church would continue to take up clean election campaign to address the malpractices during elections and there was no turning back.
He also implored on the age-old customary practices where integrity and honesty prevailed and challenged the youth to ponder on those lines when electing leaders.
CCEM Member Mikha Lomi presented various topics including clean election in Christian context and deletion of fictitious name in electoral roll.
Meanwhile, CPO president Vezuhu Keyho clarified that CPO was not a frontal organisation but an apex body. He said that criticism was omnipresent in every good initiative that were to be taken.
He however said that one should not focus on criticisms but rather concentrate on achieving the targets.
CPO assured support on disseminating information with regard to clean election movement to denominations irrespective of churches.
Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) president Vezhoduyi Nakro advocated for deletion of underaged voters in the electoral roll and highlighted the need to discourage such malpractices in the community.
Chakhesang Students’ Union editor, Kuzoto Swuro pointed out the need to take the movement down to grassroots level and suggested for awareness campaign among the community level particularly to those who did not go to church.
He also recommended CCEM members to approach intending candidates to limit hard and soft (online) cash transactions.
Setting up of party offices and camps in the village should be discouraged, he added.
The members also discussed conducting of seminars in respective Chakhesang areas.
It decided that seminars would be held in various levels to be initiated by area chairmen and CCEM members. Towards this, another member of CCEM, Zachive Thele suggested for inclusion of booth level officers in the seminars to enroll sincerely to which the house agreed.
It may be mentioned that CBCC has set March 27 as Clean Election Sunday to create awareness on clean election movement.
The sermon outlines to be prepared based on the Bible verses would be made available to preachers to disseminate to the congregation.
The house also decided to contact video content creators for creating educational videos with regard to clean election.