Thursday, August 18, 2022

CCEM holds meet on clean election

Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) organised a two-day consultative meeting with public leaders and church leaders of Western Chakhesang Hoho (WCH) on July 28 at Western Chakhesang Baptist Church Council Mission Centre, 7th Mile, Chümoukedima district and Chakhesang Hoho Kohima (CHK) on Friday, at Chakhesang Baptist Church, Kitsubozou, Kohima.
In a press release, CCEM informed that during the meeting, CCEM chairman, Rev. Vezopa Rhakho said the movement was a social responsibility of the church and was not against political parties or any leaders.
CHK president, Theja Therieh with context to today’s Naga society, also emphasised on the importance of “conscious voting”, pointing out that the right to choose should not be misused.
He appealed to all the participants at the meeting, to retrospect, stating that “we must go back to our roots and see where we are” in order to proceed.
The consultative meetings were organised by CCEM, comprising of Chakhesang Baptist Church Council, Chakhesang Public Organisation, Chakhesang Mothers’ Association, Chakhesang Youth Front, Chakhesang Students’ Union and area council chairmen.

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