Tuesday, August 16, 2022

CCVYO affirms stand on ‘one govt, one tax’

Chümoukedima Circle Villages Youth Organisation (CCVYO) Monday said it has “unanimously agreed” to stand on the “One Government, One Tax” resolution adopted on August 24, 2021 by the Chümoukedima Circle Chakhroma Public Organisation.
In a press release, CCVYO president David Sekhose and general secretary Kevitsokho Nagi claimed that following the creation of Chümoukedima district, there was increase in taxation from different organisation affecting the business community in particular and the public in general.
CCVYO has requested the district administration and police to check the increasing taxation within Chümoukedima district.
Expressing strong opposition to the multiple taxation within its jurisdiction, the organisation stated that until there was unity among the various organization the CCVYO would discourage anyone from paying any kind of tax to any organization.
Further, affirmed to support the Chümoukedima Town Angami Mechü Krotho and the resolution adopted on July 9, 2022 for “One Government, One Tax”.


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