Thursday, August 18, 2022

Central National People’s Party rubbishes ‘mass resignation’ claims

Staff Reporter

A day after several members of the National People’s Party (NPP) State unit resigned “en mass”, its national secretary Sushil Huidrom rushed to Nagaland to take stock of the situation and said it was not a serious issue but rather the resignation of the “so-called NPP members” was good for the party.
Addressing the media here, Huidrom rubbished the claims and said that the party was not bothered about their resignation, adding that they were in fact happy that these leaders and workers had left the party. He reiterated that the Central leadership has not taken this matter seriously, but was rather happy to note that the NPP State unit was doing well.
NPP State president Dr Andrew Ahoto, who too was present, also asserted that the party was least bothered about the resignation by a “handful” of party functionaries as they did not even constitute 2% of the party’s total strength.
He also termed the claim made by those who had resigned on Tuesday that around 80% of the party functionaries would be resigning as a “big joke” as they made a mockery of themselves.
Claiming that the party functionaries who had resigned were in fact a dissident group, he said they would have been in any case suspended from the party sooner or later due to the anti-party activities that they had been carrying out for the past many months in order to topple the party’s State leadership due to their ulterior and selfish designs.
Ahoto claimed that the “dissident group” had been trying to remove him from the post of party president since November last year, adding that signature campaigns were being carried out in this regard.
“They had tried their best by using all sorts of cheap and dirty tricks and anti-party activities so that they could gain control of the party and then manipulate it according to their whims,” he claimed.
He mentioned that their resignations were expected.
The NPP leader mentioned that the resignation of the dissident group came as a huge sigh of relief for everyone as such “wayward and undisciplined” party functionaries had already sidelined themselves.
Ahoto remarked that it was matter of great shame that NPP general secretary (organisation) Limanuksung Longkumer, who was given the charge of Karbi Anglong, had failed miserably in making the party grow. He claimed that NPP in Karbi Anglong had dwindled further under his charge, facing embarrassing losses in both Assam Assembly elections as well as the recently-concluded Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council polls.
He claimed that NPP Nagaland was growing from strength to strength on all fronts, adding that the party was enthusiastically working towards overall growth, development and progress of the masses.
Senior advisor, Deo Nukhu took a dig at the dissidents claim of “mass resignation” and said that despite giving responsibilities they failed to contribute for the growth of the party. Since they were inactive, Nukhu they were on the verge of expulsion/suspension. In order to avoid suspension/expulsion, they chose to resign, he added.
Meanwhile, Nukhu said the party was hopeful to win good number of seats in the 2023 Assembly polls with new faces and potential candidates.


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