Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Chakhroma Public Organisationholds meet with frontal organisations

Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO) held a coordination meet with constituent frontal organisations Friday at CPO Hall, Chümoukedima.
In a press release, CPO informed that at the meeting, Angami Public Organisation (APO) president, Razouvotuo Chatsu exhorted the officials on various issues related to the society.
Stating that language, traditions and cultural attires play important roles in identity of people, Razouvotuo urged the gathering to promote them through different modes for the future generation.
He also stressed on accountability and transparency of every individual which in turn would benefit the society as a whole.
Others who spoke during the program included presidents of CGBU, CWO, CGOK, CYO, CSU and officials representing Chakhroma in different Angami organisations. The meet was chaired by CPO president, Zhatuo Kimho while CPO vice president, Neikhriehu Kense delivered the acknowledgement speech.