Sunday, August 14, 2022

Changs celebrate Naknyulümli in Dimapur

Staff Reporter

The Chang community of Dimapur celebrated its premier festival, “Naknyulümli” at Padumpukhuri, here on Saturday, with pomp and gaiety. The festival was organised by Chang Union Dimapur (CUD).
In the exhortation, Dr. M Chollen spoke on the importance of speaking one’s own mother tongue as it was the root that kept a tribe or clan’s tradition, culture and history alive.
Significance of the festival was shared by head GB K/Khel Tuensang sang Nasetyimjong where he mentioned that “Naknyulümli” was one of the major and sacred festival of the Chang community.
He informed that the festival is celebrated during the end of July and highlighted how the forefathers celebrated the day following different rituals.
He also mentioned that during the time of the festival, cultural troops were not allowed but indigenous games were.
Highlights of the festival included felicitation of HSLC and HSSLC meritorious students, indigenous games and festival feast.
At the programme, invocation was offered by CBLD, APW A Asola, welcome address was delivered by CUD president C Bendang, special song by Changsao Thangjam Dimapur, sound of mouth flute made of bamboo was presented by Longkangla and N Monyu.
Later, vote of thanks was proposed by Naknyulümli sub-committee convener MC Ongbou and benediction was offered by Naga United Village (NUV) Change Baptist Church pastor S Yanger.


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